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Surviving the First Rain Storm – Gardening Part 5

So, we had our first torrential downpour a week after we planted the roses. We’ve always had an issue with drainage. The soil here in Florida is either sand or clay. There is no in between. What we did for the roses was dig a double wide/double deep hole, remove the sandy clay (I know, […]

Unboxing the Roses – Gardening Part 4

My roses finally arrived from Jackson & Perkins last Monday. All 18 of them. So, the process to plant them begins. These are the Carefree Wonders from this picture. Eventually, hopefully, they will look like the 2nd picture. Close up of roses still in the box. Yes, they are bare root. After we disentangled the roots and […]

Gardening Part 3

We spent another (extended) weekend working in the yard. I received confirmation my roses had been shipped on 3/22/2012 so we had to step it all up a notch. It was hard, back-breaking work for these old bodies! Why can’t our bodies still be as young as our minds? 😛 Anyway, this past weekend, we […]

My Gardening Efforts Part 2

As most of you know, I live in Florida where Spring comes early, and Fall comes late. For the last month, the weather has been staying in the upper 70s, mid 80s and the plants that I have been preparing, still in pots on my patio, have been screaming at me to be planted. So, […]

Gardening and Week 3 #WriteMotivation Update

Me: I’m so old. Son: No you’re not. You were just bent over gardening too much this weekend! ♥ Ok, so this post might have to be something simple. I’m zapped from all the manual labor this weekend. My plants were screaming at me for the last 3 weeks. My roses needed re-potted and trimmed (Still haven’t […]

Happy Day!

Today is Valentines Day. But I seriously do not believe in today. I’m sorry. Maybe it comes from a long history of never having anyone on my day, or those I did have never gave me anything special. The only thing I ever got worth anything was from my parents. Who knows, I just know […]

Completed Christmas Fabric Origami Postcards

My Christmas Fabric Origami Postcards are complete! YAY! I did it before Christmas. Exhausted though I may be, I still have one more thing to do on this batch–go to the post office and get them mailed! I figured I would post a series of pictures of the process of folding all the way to […]

A Blogger Award….Interesting things

My first Blogger Award (thank you Cleveland!)….and I really have no idea what I am supposed to do with it. But hey, as for researching new things, I found that I need to say a few things about me…yes, me! Why must I always be asked about me? Ugh! I hate being the center of […]

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