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Breaking the Speed of Sound – 1947 & 2012!

Yesterday, I spent a good majority of the day watching the live stream of the Red Bull Stratos project.  I was so excited about this. I’ve been fascinated with jet airplanes since, I don’t know, I was born!! I mean, come on, my dad is retired US Air Force. I grew up with tactical fighter […]

What Do You Do With A Drunken Sailor – Or, Our Adventures Aboard The Black Raven Pirate Ship

We wanted to do something fun as a family again. We don’t get out much on account of The Hubs’ pain levels and such. And we wanted to do SOMETHING while The Boy was still on summer vacation. I found this cool 1.5 hour Pirate cruise down in St. Augustine called The Black Raven Adventures. […]

Elevensies & #WriteMotivation Update

My friend Valerie thought she’d be cute kind and tag me to answer some odd, strange, weird, completely senseless questions. I figured, hell, why not? I’m odd, right?! 😀 If you want to participate, go ahead, I don’t tag. 🙂 The questions if you want to do your own post: What are your five favorite movies? […]

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