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Finding The Elusive Positives, #NANOWRIMO & #WriteMotivation

If anyone knows me, they know I’m a strong believer in positive thinking to achieve a healthy outlook on whatever ails you. It is the hardest thing some of us will ever do in our lives. Right now, I’ve been struggling. When you see your love struggle day after day and lose their hope, when […]

My #WriteMotivation has Gone Up And Went

I hope everyone had a grand Thanksgiving. Mine was mediocre. My dad had scheduled surgery to fix an aneurysm. It was a blessing, really, caught by accident. The doctor watched it for the last 5 years, but it has grown enough to warrant surgery. So he had it scheduled and it was only supposed to […]

Numbers, Numbers, Everywhere! And Not A Number For Me!

┬áNumbers are everywhere. House numbers. Phone numbers. Speed limits. Money. Pricing. Quantity. Time. Length. Height. Weight. ┬áSports scores. Statistics. Distance. Some numbers are good. Like the years you’ve been married, or the date your child was born. Some numbers are bad. Like your weight, your Cholesterol levels, groceries, gas, and even the price of that […]

How I Decided to do PiBoIdMo

A year ago, a friend of mine participated in the NaNoWriMo, but it was already over by the time she introduced me to it. I had signed up in December to do it this year. Then, I completely forgot about it. Life just got in the way. Then, last month, she brought it up again […]

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