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March #WriteMotivation Goals – Update #3

Spring is here! Spring is here! While all my northern friends are probably sarcastically laughing, wanting to punch me in my face, we are recovering from a few days of rain and a weeks worth of grey. The sun is peeking through with promises of clear skies, warm weather, and flowers. I love spring. It is […]

March #WriteMotivation Goals – Update #2

A month ago I was contacted by the publisher of The Veterans’ Voice asking for permission to publish my blog post regarding how I thought I was alone in caring for my husband — a disabled vet suffering chronic pain, daily migraines, PTSD, and more. I received the paper this past weekend and it is […]

It Could Have Happened To Me + September #WriteMotivation Update 2

Have you ever left your house 5 minutes late and pass a very bad car accident on your way to where ever, and realize that had you been on time, that could have been you? Have you ever got what you needed off a shelf at a grocery store and moments later someone comes up […]

I Nearly Lost My Husband to Serotonin Syndrome, Twice

It is so VERY IMPORTANT TO KNOW YOUR MEDICATION!! ********************************** Last week I nearly lost my husband. Again. I always dread when the doctors change his medicine. For some reason, despite the fact they document every medication you take each and every time you go into the office, they just don’t seem to take the […]

An Open Christmas Letter to Our Heroes

I’ve been dealing with a lot of stress lately, both at home and at work. This is my life. I have not been writing on my novel because of it. I feel sad, tired, and just downright horrible. But when I got a break at work the other day, I managed to put together a […]

All Work And No Play, Makes Me A Grumpy Something for #WriteMotivation

October was a very stressful month. November is turning out to be very busy on top of the stress. I’ve taken a break  from all online anything since the beginning of the month. Not intentionally, of course. At the day job, all the work the other groups pushed back at the beginning of the year is now […]

Breaking the Speed of Sound – 1947 & 2012!

Yesterday, I spent a good majority of the day watching the live stream of the Red Bull Stratos project.  I was so excited about this. I’ve been fascinated with jet airplanes since, I don’t know, I was born!! I mean, come on, my dad is retired US Air Force. I grew up with tactical fighter […]

Tropical Storm Ushers In Memorial Day & The End of May’s #WriteMotivation

Tropical Storm season runs from 1 June to 30 November, every year. This year, we’ve had 2 Tropical Storms BEFORE 1 June. It’s going to be an interesting season, if this is any indication. The last time Jacksonville, Florida had a direct hit was Hurricane Dora back in 1964. While Beryl (70MPH sustained winds) pales in […]

Embrace The Suck (#EmbraceTheSuck & #WriteMotivation)

Based on a Twitter conversation between a few of my #writemotivation friends (@mariefrizelle & @DyadicEchoes) I decided to put up a shop for my hub’s saying while deployed to Albania/Kosovo–Embrace The Suck! I’ve always LOVED this saying from the first moment hubs sent me the picture of the sign above his tent. I’ve used it as […]

Everyone Should Have A Pet

Source: http://www.dogcatbird.net Everyone should have a pet. I grew up with dogs. We didn’t always have them, due to our living circumstances. But, when we had the opportunity for a pet, we had dogs. I like dogs as much as the next person. But what I always found fascinating were cats. Both my parents hated cats. My mother […]

Where Were You When The Towers Fell?

September 11, 2001 started out like any other day–for everyone. But that day ended in total devastation for many, heartbreak and disbelief for all. It was double for me because of the terrorist attacks and the fact that my father found out he had lung cancer. My father is now cancer free and still blesses […]

A Blogger Award….Interesting things

My first Blogger Award (thank you Cleveland!)….and I really have no idea what I am supposed to do with it. But hey, as for researching new things, I found that I need to say a few things about me…yes, me! Why must I always be asked about me? Ugh! I hate being the center of […]

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