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Still Can’t Manage my #WriteMotivation Updates on Mondays

July goals: 1) Be Positive, Try to find the positive in every situation, no matter how small. This has got to be ALWAYS!! Still doing this! 🙂 2) Cheer others on with #writemotivation cookie flinging and positive thoughts! Another ALWAYS! Still doing it! If I missed your blog, fling a Dino or two! <3 3) […]

#WriteMotivation June Update #3

June’s goals 1) Be Positive, Try to find the positive in every situation, no matter how small. Ok, so last week was a bit of a challenge on this front. I spent most of my week dealing with ID-10-Ts at the Day Job, which zapped all energy out of me. I think emotional exhaustion is worse […]

March #WriteMotivation Goals — Final Week

Here’s my March Goals: 1) Be Positive. This has been the biggest issue for me over the last couple of months. I REALLY need to work on it! 2) Encourage others to be positive and continue to make progress. 3) Continue writing. Progress is progress, one word at a time. It’s just infuriating when you fail to […]

March #WriteMotivation Goals – Week 1

FINALLY! IT’S HERE! #WriteMotivation 2013 has begun! YAY! I’ve missed my cheer squad so much! Even though we still randomly cheer each other on through Twitter, we haven’t had an organized month of cheering for a while. With KT having her baby and learning how to work a schedule, and then selling, buying, and moving […]

September #WriteMotivation Update #2 & Asking for a little help

1) Forward progress. No numbers. Those are not allowed in my world! I’ve decided. Please see my previous blog post regarding the reasons why! It really is freedom for me and I’m so happy to share with all of you! And I have made progress M-F! YAY! 2) Complete blog posts for #writemotivation and hopefully have a few extras in there as […]

September #WriteMotivation — Annnnd Go!

So, here we are with another Goal Check-in Month for #WriteMotivation. YAY! Checking in and posting my goals. Hopefully I will have more to say soon enough. 🙂 Let me start off with introducing you to my Golden Rule for First Drafts; one I must remind myself daily, sometimes hourly. September’s Goals are as follows. […]

#WriteMotivation July Goal Check Month Wrapup

July Goals: 1)Complete the necessary blog posts for #WriteMotivation, maybe throw in a few “others” as well.  2)make forward momentum!”  Despite my work life stressing me out, I did manage to write! While not as much as I wanted or had hoped, I did go forward! YAY! 3) Provide unending support, cheering, and cookie flinging, […]

Halfway Through #WriteMotivation Goal Check Month

So, last week you saw me falter. While I loved all your comments, and they lifted my spirits tremendously(even though they left me in tears, cuz I’m just a big ol’ cry baby! I can’t help it, I wear my heart on my sleeve. Always have. But, I’ve learned that it’s ok! hehe), my week […]

#WriteMotivation Update

I really don’t want to post this today. I’ve written these words, deleted these words, and rewrote most of them…several times. It’s so full of negativity and I’m sorry. July Goals: 1) Complete the necessary blog posts for #WriteMotivation, maybe throw in a few “others” as well. — Currently On Task 2)Word count goal, not […]

And We’re Back, #WriteMotivation

So, here we are again. A new month. A goal check-in month at that. And over half way through the year! OMG where does the time go? Seriously?! When we were kids, don’t you remember wishing time would hurry up and get here so we could go to that birthday party? Summer vacation? So we […]

The Elusive Word and #Writemotivation

I must admit, my vocabulary is not very large, despite my insatiable thirst to read. I can usually get the meaning of something based on the context. But ask me to give a definition. Or recall it at a later time. Nope. Not me. For some reason, my brain does not hold those words. I’m […]

Goals For The Month of May – #WriteMotivation

Last week I did not post my goals for the month of May. Instead I tried to show you my enthusiasm for this endeavor and try to illicit a response to a dilemma I had with science. Unfortunately, no one more science-y than me has found an answer and posted it. I still am calling for any […]

Wrap up for March #WriteMotivation

Wow, what a tiring month this has turned out to be. It started off ok. But these last two weeks Spring really has sprung and I’ve been out working in the yard/garden readying it for my roses. If you missed any of my posts on this, please feel free to check out some previous entries […]

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