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March #WriteMotivation Final Update

It’s not been a very good month here. The pain my husband is dealing with. He still has the migraine started off with on March 4th, the one we went to the ER for a little over a week ago. He has yet to have any relief. And things just get worse. He’s now having […]

First July #WriteMotivation Update — FINALLY!

It’s been a very busy first week of the month, starting with the end of last month. I had a little mini-vacation and I took my family down to Disney for a little weekend excursion. And this happened: We got to meet up with Cheyenne and TheScottsman while they were in Disney on their vacation. […]

Very Inspiring Blogger Award, Awwww Thanks!

Thank you Cheyenne, for the lovely award and for finding me inspirational. I hope I’ll never let you down! I’ve been AWOL for a while, dealing with my life, trying to remain positive, and escaping into my own WIP world from time to time. I’ve been quite a bit on the low side of being positive. […]

Creating A Memento For A Little Bundle of #WriteMotivation Joy!

I became fast friends with a dear, wonderful, and talented lady — KT Hanna. She kept me motivated and encouraged me to keep writing when I wasn’t sure of myself, or my talent. When she told me she was expecting, I wanted to do something extra special, something that I hope the whole family will […]

I Nearly Lost My Husband to Serotonin Syndrome, Twice

It is so VERY IMPORTANT TO KNOW YOUR MEDICATION!! ********************************** Last week I nearly lost my husband. Again. I always dread when the doctors change his medicine. For some reason, despite the fact they document every medication you take each and every time you go into the office, they just don’t seem to take the […]

An Open Christmas Letter to Our Heroes

I’ve been dealing with a lot of stress lately, both at home and at work. This is my life. I have not been writing on my novel because of it. I feel sad, tired, and just downright horrible. But when I got a break at work the other day, I managed to put together a […]

Premonitory Dreams & A Decade of Awesome!

TheBoy had his 10th birthday party this weekend. 10! OMG I can’t believe how much he’s grown, how much time has passed, and how little time with the best thing I’ve ever created I have left.   I had been stressing about this party since Wednesday–since I woke up at 3am freaking. There I was […]

Strength, Emotion, Overcoming Fear, and Learning To Ask For Help

I’ve been almost non-existent lately. Not sure anyone really noticed, but I wanted to explain why. Things have been very stressful lately, so much so I became overwhelmed and my strength faltered. I needed to ask for help. I never ask for help. But I’m SLOWLY learning that it’s ok, that it’s not a sign […]

What Do You Do With A Drunken Sailor – Or, Our Adventures Aboard The Black Raven Pirate Ship

We wanted to do something fun as a family again. We don’t get out much on account of The Hubs’ pain levels and such. And we wanted to do SOMETHING while The Boy was still on summer vacation. I found this cool 1.5 hour Pirate cruise down in St. Augustine called The Black Raven Adventures. […]

Caturday: MikeyKat, My Buddy

The post is really hard for me. I knew it would be. But I didn’t think it would be this hard. Bare with me while I struggle through. After about 4 years with Goofykat being an only “child,” we decided to get him a friend. (That went over well. NOT! GoofyKat was mad at me […]

Surviving the First Rain Storm – Gardening Part 5

So, we had our first torrential downpour a week after we planted the roses. We’ve always had an issue with drainage. The soil here in Florida is either sand or clay. There is no in between. What we did for the roses was dig a double wide/double deep hole, remove the sandy clay (I know, […]

Interesting Things…or not. You choose!

Ok, so another blogger award. Not sure the real purpose of these awards, but hey they can be fun learning more about each other. A little tid bit here, a little tid bit there. 🙂 I’m just not really keen on being the center of attention. I like to cower in the corner, be the […]

Pinewood Derby & #WriteMotivation

This weekend was completely insane. It started at 7am on Saturday for the Cub Scout’s Pinewood Derby race. This was by far the best one we’ve attended so far. But, I was standing the whole 6 hours. 🙂 And, with a locked up neck. Son tied for 3rd so they had a run off. He […]

#WriteMotivation Update

This is my last three day weekend until the end of May. I really do not like the first six months of the year. They always seem to drag because of the lack of holidays. And this year, at work, it’s going to be all kinds of crazy. There have been 15 added sites to […]

Happy New Year and #WriteMotivation

First of all, Happy New Year. May this 2012 be everything you thought it would be, and more! May it bless you with kindness, love, and peace. I’m hoping for better! I have had a rough time while on my vacation. I’ve had two weeks off and I’ve been sick the whole time. There has […]

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