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4th Writers’ Platform-Building Campaign, #WriteMotivation, and #WriteDaily

Yesterday Rachael Harrie started sign-ups for her 4th Writer’s Platform Building Campaign. I’ve been taking part in these since the beginning and have met some wonderful people. The traffic this generates for your blog, your twitter, your facebook, Google+ and the like is tremendous. However, nothing  better can be said for the support, the encouragement that comes along with this campaign. […]

3rd Write Campaign Challenge

And here we are wrapping up the 3rd and final Campaign Challenge. Rachael Harrie is one amazing woman to do this. I want to thank her for her hard work and dedication. This undertaking sure has made it a challenge just for her. Please stop by her blog and thank her too. Here are the […]

First Writer’s Campaign Challenge – Explained!

First of all, if you haven’t already, I would recommend you read my challenge entry before you continue as it will probably make more sense 😀 Thank you all for playing! ************************ The first idea that came to mind when I read “door” was to have it a gateway between life and death. The “choice” […]

Second Crusader Challenge

The Challenge: Write a flash fiction story (in any format) in 100 words or less, excluding the title. Begin the story with the words, “The goldfish bowl teetered” These four words will be included in the word count.  If you want to give yourself an added challenge (optional, and not part of the judging criteria), see if you can […]

Who am I Revealed

This was my first ever blog challenge so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I loved everyone’s different takes on the challenge and felt so inadequate with mine. But thank you all for stopping by, reading, and guessing! It was soooo much fun! And every guess put a smile on my face! And I am […]

Who am I?

This is my attempt at Rachael Harrie’s 1st Crusader Challenge. Asking a writer to come up with a bio in less than three hundred words is definitely a challenge! But I do love to write. Writing about me is NOT one of my favorite things to do, either. I do not bloviate. But I will […]

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