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Published Fiction

I would like to share my compilation of flash fiction (or short shorts) with you and give you a sample of my writing. So far, these are only for little competitions here and there or just because. A few actually have been published where I’ve received a small bit of compensation. Please read and enjoy. Comments are always welcome.

LadyJai’s #FlashFiction, Short Stories & Poetry

  • An Unwanted Friend (As You Were: The Military Review – eZine)
  • Mind Share (Flash Fiction Prompt combined with fan fiction for THE BONE SEASON)
  • Pieces (O’ Dark Thirty – eZine)
  • The Stepping Stone  (Published 1 March 2012 with KazkaPress : Retired eZine)
  • Assimilation  (#WriteCampaign Challenge)
  • Drake’s Hoard (Published 1 December 2011 with KazkaPress : Retired eZine)
  • UVB-76 Intelligence Memorandum (Published 1 November 2011 with KazkaPress : Retired eZine)
  • A Proposal  (#WriteCampaign Challenge)
  • Night Shade
  • Devil’s Darning Needles (#TuesdayTales)
  • Psycho Imago (#WriteCampaign Challenge)
  • The Choice  (#WriteCampaign Challenge)


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