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#BookReview: CHAMELEON By KT Hanna


(The Domino Project #1)

August 4, 2015

CHAMELEON Domino Project Front with Text 2

When Sai’s newly awoken psionic powers accidentally destroy her apartment complex, she’s thrown into an intensive training program. Her only options are pass or die.  

Surviving means proving her continued existence isn’t a mistake–a task her new mentor, Bastian, takes personally. Her abilities place her in the GNW Enforcer division, and partners her with Domino 12, who is eerily human for an alien-parasite psionic hybrid.  

After eliminating an Exiled scientist, she discovers nothing is what it seems. With each mission more perilous, Sai must figure out who to trust before her next assignment becomes her last.

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Chameleon (The Domino Project, #1)Chameleon by K.T. Hanna

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was one of the lucky ones to see this novel evolve over time. Even as a rough draft, this was an incredibly strong story. I was also blessed to be able to read the final product before it was released. Oh how I love ARCs! 🙂

By far one of my favorite YA SciFi novels of all time. KT Hanna has a way of getting into the head and the heart of both her characters and her readers. Her story. Her words. Her strong plot. Her strong and diverse characters. All leave the reader feeling all the emotions and craving more. I cannot wait to read the rest of the series…and more from KT Hanna!

Sai wasn’t born a leader. It was thrust upon her and she is learning how to handle that on top of learning how to control her powers. Her interactions with Bastian and Dom are strong without the need to be saved by a guy. Sai is truly a model heroine. More girls need to strive to be like her, including me.

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  1. Ping from LuAnn Braley:

    Sounds like a sci-fi version of La Femme Nikita. Interesting concept. I enjoyed your review and am putting Chameleon on my GoodReads TBR list.
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