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***I received my Temptations Snacky Mouse  complimentary to test and/or review from Influenster.***

Honestly, this is such a cute little thing. I have tried my hand at something similar, though nowhere near as cute as this. I took a small water bottle, cleaned and dried. Then cut random holes in is so the kitties could get their brain exercise, their prey and puzzle solving instincts going. It didn’t look as fancy but it worked. The cats loved it so much that they ATE. EVERY. SINGLE. PIECE.

I haven’t done that in a long time. And when I received this in the mail, it was quite interesting, to say the least.

NOTE TO SELF: Don’t attempt to set it between 3 kitties at the same time!

Of course, after I turn off my camera and leave the area, Sofie goes to town batting at it and eating all the treats.

This item is that it did not come with instructions on how to open it in order to fill it, so I could see it breaking before anyone could get a chance to use it. The other thing I found was that my cats still eat it all gone in one setting. The way to combat that is not to fill it up all the way. They all love it, though. So in my book, this product is a win!


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  1. Ping from Angela Brown:

    The product is interesting but those darling cats just make want to sit and enjoy their antics

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