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Another Month Gone, Another Just Begun #WriteMotivation

Morning Has Broken

As many of you know, I’ve been dealing with a lot of emotional stress these last few months. I really can’t believe it’s already the 5th month! MAY! What the heck. I had so many plans, so many goals. I wanted to get back to writing my novels this year since I’m actually going through the healing process.

I spent all of April in the A to Z Challenge, posting my Reflecting The Positives In Me. If you haven’t seen them, please take a moment to browse through. They aren’t long. It’s helped me identify, and focus on, my positive traits. That’s helped immensely. I highly recommend taking some time to do this for yourself. I’m currently trying to find another challenge like this so I can continue helping myself, and possibly helping others as well.

One of my Veteran Caregiver groups asked the question if any caregivers use art for healing. They wanted a few caregivers to give examples for their newsletter. I went to reply, found out it was too long of a response for their newsletter, and posted it on my blog instead. I’m a writer, what can I say. I’m long-winded. 🙂 I did manage to cut it down for their newsletter, but I expounded on it in more detail on my blog. If you’re interested please visit Writing To Heal.

So, Hubs has been to countless doctor appointments, and two ER visits. No one seems to listen, only want to treat the symptoms. At least the first ER visit and the CT scan they did went to the VA and his “doctor” there said he had some serious calcification going on in his sinuses and that could be causing this migraine that’s not a migraine. We’ve been told that this year has been hell for pollen and those who’ve never been affected before are now showing symptoms of seasonal allergies. They sent him out some meds straight away. Of course he had some reactions to one of them. That’s just our luck. Not sure if that was the reason for the massive headache or not, but maybe he’s doing better? It’s hard to tell a lot of times with him because he likes to put on his mask. I mean, he suffered tremendously through Easter with TheRents just to do something with the family. So, I just keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best, or at the very least, a little lessening of the pain.

Also, I’ve been going through some massive tests with the doctor. I guess it’s high time I took care of myself, because you know, if I don’t how can I take care of TheHubs if I’m done for? So, I went. More money out of my pocketbook! Ugh. And I know they won’t find anything because they never do. I always have “odd” symptoms. I have to go back in a couple of weeks to see if there is anything definitive. We’ll see.

Anyway, on to the goals….

April Goals:

Same as last month since March slapped me in the face…

  1. Read through my WIP. This is the first step to get back into the head of my MC and the world he lives in. I hope. – Nope, didn’t get to WIP#1 to read this. I just did not have any time and, well, I think my MC for WIP#1 called to me. See #2.
  2. Write words on WIP. – While my intent was to write words on WIP#2, I did manage to write a few paragraphs towards the ending of my WIP#1 so I consider this a win 😛
  3. Keep up with blog posts for both blogs – this one and my Caring for My Vet. – I excelled at this I believe.
  4. Comment/cheer on my fellow #WriteMotivation peeps on Twitter, FB, Google+ and their blogs. I did the best I could with this. The A to Z challenge took most of my commenting time away as I tried to comment on other bloggers’ sites.
  5. Write motivational post for #WriteMotivation – Didn’t happen. Nothing came to me. No one suggested anything. 🙁 Oh well.
  6. Continue with my positive thinking. I think I am managing this just fine at the moment!
  7. Read another book. Almost done with Insurgent. Didn’t get enough “me” time to finish it up.


May Goals:

1. Since WIP#2 wasn’t working, I switched to WIP#1 and I’ve written a few paragraphs towards the ending. So, continue that. Unless my MC in WIP#2 starts talking to me again! I’m flexible like that!
2. Keep up with blog posts for both blogs – this one and my Caring for My Vet.
3. Comment/cheer on my fellow #WriteMotivation peeps on Twitter, FB, Google+ and their blogs.
4. Continue with my positive thinking
5. Read another book.




  1. Ping from MAJK (@Safireblade):

    You did some much better than me on the A to Z I have to say that segment of yours just really impressed me!

    I hope they can finally start getting you answers for your hubby’s pain, I know how it’s been weighing on you to see him struggle with it.

    I love that you are getting some time to read – I need more time for that!
    MAJK (@Safireblade) recently posted…#WriteMotivation, a Missing D and Mother’s DayMy Profile

  2. Ping from Rebekah Loper:

    *hugs* I’m glad you’ve got at least a hint towards what could be causing your hubby’s pain. It’s awful to watch them be miserable and know that you’re powerless to do anything about it.

    And yes, you need to take care of yourself! I’ve… been not doing quite as well on that front for myself, either, but I’m taking baby steps.
    Rebekah Loper recently posted…Zoology: Using Animals to Enrich Your WorldMy Profile

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