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Reflecting the Positives in Me – #AtoZchallenge – Z is for…

I strive for Zen!

I strive for Zen!

Having a positive attitude is the road to Zen. Once we can eliminate the negative, we can achieve inner peace. Some days may be incredibly hard and if we haven’t managed to reach Zen, or even start on that road, tomorrow’s another opportunity to make things positive.

Remember, each rough day you get through, you’re batting a thousand. And that’s pretty good!



  1. Ping from Ava Quinn:

    A fantastic word to finish with. And awesome advice! I’ve really enjoyed your atoz posts. They’ve been awesome. And your nails look GORGEOUS in this picture!! 🙂
    Ava Quinn recently posted…I Haven’t Fallen Off The Face of the Earth or The AtoZ Wrap UpMy Profile

  2. Ping from Stephanie Faris:

    Remaining positive can be challenging some days, but it’s important. People don’t really want to be around someone who only sees the negative, after all.

    Stephanie Faris recently posted…Z is for ZaniesMy Profile

  3. Ping from C. Lee McKenzie:

    It’s all about practice. I’d love to say I’d tossed out those negative thoughts, but then up pops another one and I’m back to practicing.

    Great to meet you during the A the Z. I’ll be back now that I follow you.

  4. Ping from Ann:

    What a great Z post. Ending on such a positive note. Well done you. And congratulations for reaching the finish line with your sanity intact.
    Ann recently posted…Z is for ZenithsMy Profile

  5. Ping from Patricia Lynne:

    Great word to end on.
    You finished the challenge! Congratulations. =D

  6. Ping from Michelle Wallace:

    Zen – the perfect word to wrap up your theme!
    It was great to learn more about you Lady Jai! 🙂
    Congrats on reaching the AtoZ finish line!
    Michelle Wallace recently posted…Z is for ZibaldoneMy Profile

  7. Ping from Jen Chandler:

    Great post! Very positive and encouraging. Congrats on finishing the Challenge 🙂

    Jen Chandler recently posted…Prompts for Writers (and other creative types)My Profile

  8. Ping from S. Katherine Anthony:

    Zen! Ha! I wondered what you would use for Z. Genius! And perfect. 😀
    S. Katherine Anthony recently posted…A to Z Challenge—S.K.-isms! Y is for . . .My Profile

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