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Reflecting the Positives in Me – #AtoZchallenge – S is for…

I am Strong

I Am Strong!

A lot of people tell me how strong I am for dealing with the things I have to deal with and how I try to have this positive outlook on people and life. (If you don’t know my story, please read it here.) It has been a real struggle to accept that I am strong because, to me, when I break, when I cry, when I want to run away I feel weak. Asking for help has always been weak in my eyes. But I’m learning it’s really not. And I AM strong! Because when all is said and done, my track record for getting through those really rough times is still sitting at 100%. 😀



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  2. Ping from Michelle Wallace:

    You are stronger than you realise…
    I admire you!
    Michelle Wallace recently posted…S is for Sticker AlbumMy Profile

  3. Ping from Elsie Amata:

    You and I have that tiny inner voice that tries to keep us from asking for help. It takes a strong person to admit they need help with something. We’re better people for it.

    By the way, I have the same shirt!! :)

    AJ’s wHooligan in the A-Z Challenge

  4. Ping from Valerie Lawson:

    amen, sister! 🙂
    Valerie Lawson recently posted…A Discussion of Sensory Detail – a TGNA postMy Profile

  5. Ping from Rebekah Loper:

    You are so very strong, and I often find myself thinking of you when my life feels like shambles, because I know we have/are going through some very similar situations, and if you survived, then I certainly can. Even when I don’t want to >_<.
    Rebekah Loper recently posted…Science: The Further Pursuit of KnowledgeMy Profile

  6. Ping from finley jayne:

    Really great post for the letter ‘S’ 🙂
    finley jayne recently posted…A-Z April Challenge: Books I HATE ‘S’electionMy Profile

  7. Ping from Patricia Lynne:

    You are super strong. Love the picture too.

  8. Ping from Jen Chandler:

    I love these posts with the messages written on the mirror and your marvelous, strong self in the photos! Thank you sharing and thank you for reminding us that just because we FEEL like giving up doesn’t mean that we have 🙂

    Jen Chandler recently posted…Archi(texture)al SalvageMy Profile

  9. Ping from Cecilia:

    Being strong is about resilience and you obviously have that. Well done.
    Cecilia recently posted…Sumptuous, sublime, submission, singMy Profile

  10. Ping from M. Andrew Patterson:

    WOOT! 😀 Love this. And You are totally strong!
    M. Andrew Patterson recently posted…Release Day Blitz: DIVIDE by Jessa RussoMy Profile

  11. Ping from Mary Aalgaard:

    I’m glad you are seeing your strength and embracing it! It is not weak to ask for help or to cry or feel overwhelmed. Those are normal feelings. What makes you strong is reaching out and finding ways to persevere and thrive. Nice pipes, too!
    Mary Aalgaard recently posted…Schell’s Brewing CompanyMy Profile

  12. Ping from Angela Brown:

    Flex those biceps because you are strong. And it takes a strong person to recognize that there is strength in asking for help, not weakness.
    Angela Brown recently posted…Love the ShineyMy Profile

  13. Ping from Huntress aka CD Coffelt:

    Heck YEAH! I must remember that still, quiet voice of strength when doubt tries to take over my ambitions, LOL.
    Huntress aka CD Coffelt recently posted…A to Z Blogging Challenge – SMy Profile

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