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Reflecting the Positives in Me – #AtoZchallenge – H is for…

I'm honest

I’m honest

I don’t like fake. I don’t like lies. I don’t like two-faced. You get what you see and I will always be me.



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  2. Ping from Yolanda Renee:

    Although I learned at a very young age – people don’t always want or need the truth – it is the best way to be!

  3. Ping from C. Lee McKenzie:

    Honesty gets mega points from me.

  4. Ping from Crystal Collier:

    Me too. I may be a politician about answers I don’t want to give, but I am honest. In a nice way. Most the time. Unless you’re trying to steal my cheese. =)
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  5. Ping from Michelle Wallace:

    To the point. The best way to be. People know where they stand and there’s no confusion.
    Michelle Wallace recently posted…H is for HandscrollMy Profile

  6. Ping from Patricia Lynne:

    Honestly is a great policy. I try to be honest too. Although, I don’t always succeed and usually feel guilty then. ^^;;

  7. Ping from Mary Aalgaard:

    Honesty is the best policy. It builds trust. Did you read Divergent? You’d be placed in the Candor faction.
    Play off the Page

  8. Ping from Sophie Duncan:

    I agree, honesty is always the best policy.
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  9. Ping from Cecilia:

    Honest is good. well said.
    Cecilia recently posted…Hippy Happy Hoppy Hornpipe WednesdayMy Profile

  10. Ping from Santhi:

    As real as real can be… I certainly like what I see in your blog here!

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