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March #WriteMotivation Goals – Update #3

A springtime rainbow after the storm

Spring is here! Spring is here! While all my northern friends are probably sarcastically laughing, wanting to punch me in my face, we are recovering from a few days of rain and a weeks worth of grey. The sun is peeking through with promises of clear skies, warm weather, and flowers. I love spring. It is always a wonderful reminder that even though the world is wrapped in dormancy that is mistaken for death, that things look bleak and brown, that the colors of  life will always push through. 

March’s Goals:

  1. Read through my WIP. This is the first step to get back into the head of my MC and the world he lives in. I hope. Almost done with the re-read. I’ve been tweaking it as I read too. But, my job suddenly handed me to HUGE projects, both due within a day of each other. Plus things at the homefront haven’t been going so well. Sunday I finally got TheHubs to not be stubborn about going in for his migraine. His pain level has been at a 10 for 14 days and he hasn’t been sleeping more than 20 minutes. So, I took him to the ER. TheBoy had to go in to the doctor because he gashed up his knee. And I’ve been going to see a doctor due to the weird symptoms and achy legs and not being able to sleep. Loads of tests forthcoming. So, needless to say, I haven’t managed to get through this completely.
  2. Write words on WIP. See #1 Can’t do this unless #1 is complete.
  3. Keep up with blog posts for both blogs – this one and my Caring for My Vet. Keeping up scheduling my A to Z. I will be revealing my theme tomorrow so be sure to come back and see what it is. 🙂 Finished the Fear post for last week and also re-posted about nearly losing my husband twice. I think it’s very important to educate people and remind them that it’s not .
  4. Comment/cheer on my fellow #WriteMotivation peeps on Twitter, FB, Google+ and their blogs. Whatever they need, I will try and provide! :D I’m a little behind on this one as usual. I did manage to set aside a day to visit and comment on everyone’s blogs this week. I did good. 🙂
  5. Write motivational post for #WriteMotivation – I haven’t had the energy to think of what to write…any suggestions? I did get one up about how to get back in the habit. Have you read it yet? If not, go…and be motivated. 🙂 I wish I could have done what I listed. But, you know, life…
  6. Continue with my positive thinking – Doing very well, I think.
  7. Read another book. Completed Divergent. And I’ve started in on Insurgent when I can.

*Hugs and Cookies*



  1. Ping from Bess Gilmartin:

    That you have a WIP to re-read is awesome! And being almost thru with that goal? Woohoo! And let’s hear it for spring flowers!

  2. Ping from Rebekah Loper:

    *hugs* goodness, we need to stop having catastrophes on both our ends.

  3. Ping from Patricia Lynne:

    It’s the first day of spring and, of course, it’s snowing here in Michigan. *headdesk*

    Yikes on all the hospital visits. I hope everything is resolved quickly and you’re back to your story.

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