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Making it a Habit – March #WriteMotivation Goals

This is the month I am determined to make writing on my WIP a habit again.

Determined I tell ya!

Maybe if I put the NinjaDino up as motivation???

Stealth Ninja Assassin T-Rex Dino

If you haven’t seen my post over on WriteMotivation.org go….read it now…and join me in making this happen! I need all the poking I can get. Maybe even some whipping action, you know…the stuff that goes on chocolate sundaes?? 😀

So here’s March’s Goals:

  1. Read through my WIP. This is the first step to get back into the head of my MC and the world he lives in. I hope.
  2. Write words on WIP. See #1
  3. Keep up with blog posts for both blogs – this one and my Caring for My Vet.
  4. Comment/cheer on my fellow #WriteMotivation peeps on Twitter, FB, Google+ and their blogs. Whatever they need, I will try and provide! 😀
  5. Write motivational post for #WriteMotivation
  6. Continue with my positive thinking
  7. Read another book. (Thank you, Andrew & the new trailer, I am now reading Divergent)

Here’s hoping I can make a habit of writing in my WIP I managed to push to the side over the last several months. You all know how to contact me, right?

*Hugs and Cookies*



  1. Ping from Laine:

    Interesting, it looks like the ninja T-rex arrived by hot air balloon…is there a ninja T-rex in your WIP?? Just curious…

  2. Ping from Heather Cashman:

    And I will personally ship you whipping (cream) if you get it done!

  3. Ping from Heather Cashman:

    Had trouble getting into Divergent, but you will probably have more luck. Your goals look great! I always find that re-reading my WIP makes me want to dive back into it. Happy revising!

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