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February’s Somewhat of a Failure in the #WriteMotivation Department

tomorrow is another chance

February Goals:

  1. Get back into my WIP. Writing wordsYeah, no. I’m going to attempt to read through what I’ve already written and start writing again in March. At least I have been writing a good deal of words over on my other blog! So that’s something.
  2. Continue to think positive and share my positivity with anyone and everyone. Doing it like a pro! Still working on my A to Z Challenge. I got all the letters done. Now to just take the pictures and schedule the posts. Maybe I will save that for next month. 🙂
  3. Continue exploring the emotions I feel while caregiving, trying to make sense and eliminate the negative. Post on my new blog as a way to heal. Still doing it.
  4. Read another book. Completed Clan by Realm Lovejoy. I even posted my review.
  5. Cheer on fellow #writemotivation people! <3 I think I’m doing ok with this, though I really miss the interaction we had last year. Everyone’s lives are so hectic and it causes problems. I miss you guys!!

<3 and cookies to you!



  1. Ping from Bess Gilmartin:

    Remember that whole “it’s a journey” thing. You’ll get there. It just takes however long it takes. We’re here for you!

  2. Ping from anna:

    Wow, you’re done with all the letters?
    I’ve yet to start :(

    Revealing the theme on March 21!

  3. Ping from Cheryl:

    Failure (if you choose to call it that – I don’t) is only a very temporary condition – not a permanent state

  4. Ping from Patricia Lynne:

    You did well. Lots more green than red.

  5. Ping from helen jameson:

    I think you crank out quite a bit! You’re doing good. March will be another month, Scarlett! (My Gone With the Wind reference for today.)

  6. Ping from Angela Brown:

    Looks you accomplished far more than you didn’t accomplish. But I think your pic says it best. A new day, each new day, is a new chance 🙂

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