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Clan by Realm Lovejoy

ClanClan by Realm Lovejoy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Clades is a world engineered to be identical in all manner of forms. Cloned from a single human, raised to look, act, and feel as identical as the DNA that makes up their genetics. Twain knows he’s different, hidden from the Clan since birth. To be seen would ruin Unity. When his desire to join the other Clan overpowers him, he’s caught by Father Krume, their Human DNA donor, and made to join the rest.

Twain’s known he’s different, but when he joins the ranks of his fellow Clan, it’s only then he realizes just how different.

In a world where everyone is supposed to be identical in every way, Lovejoy finds a way to create differences amongst the Clan, differences that cause the same social issues we experience in our own world – bullying, stereotyping, prejudice, segregation.

For Unity’s sake, each Clan was given a number. Sponsors tended to give pet names to their “children” so this interchanging between number and name left me bewildered most times trying to remember what number belonged to what name. While I loved the depth of the story, this made it daunting to read at times.

The story was full of action and I kept turning the page so I could find out what happened next. However, the ending left a lot to be desired. I was left with more questions than I had the entire time I was reading. I wasn’t satisfied that the story had actually ended. I don’t think it wrapped it up quite well enough for my liking.

Overall, it was an enjoyable book, with only a few issues as I stated above. I do hope Lovejoy plans on a second book to explain what happened in the end.

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