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Week 3 February #WriteMotivation Update


February Goals:

  1. Get back into my WIP. Writing words. Yeah, no. Though, I’ve been seeing signs that it’s time to go. There was a news article I read about Iran hacking the Navy’s largest unclassified network. Then someone posted an interview with a hacker on their blog. And then, I was watching one of my TV shows and it was about hacking. So yeah, SIGNS! all telling me to get back to it. I’m going to attempt to do so. Hopefully I can at least read through what I’ve already written by the end of the month so March will be the month of writing again. I’ve been focusing so much on my other blog. Emotional energy is high and takes a lot out of me. Plus, there’s this whole lack of time thing.
  2. Continue to think positive and share my positivity with anyone and everyone. Doing it like a pro!
  3. Continue exploring the emotions I feel while caregiving, trying to make sense and eliminate the negative. Post on my new blog as a way to heal. This week’s topic was GUILT. My article last week’s (ALONE) garnered some interest from a Veteran’s publication that wants to print and distribute it across the US. They have over 10,000 readers.  The publisher contacted me and asked my permission. Of course I said yes. She will be giving me proper credit and links to my blog as well as sending me a copy! YAY! :)
  4. Read another book. Began Clan by Realm Lovejoy, 65%. It’s slow going but maybe I can manage getting through it. It’s definitely not the fault of the author!
  5. Cheer on fellow #writemotivation people! <3 I think I’m doing ok with this. I feel like I’m invisible, though. That, or Facebook and Twitter are conspiring against me to keep me away from you lot! Miss you tons!

<3 and cookies to you!



  1. Ping from Rebekah Loper:

    Congrats on the article, that is fantastic! *hugs*

  2. Ping from MAJK (@Safireblade):

    Got a Saturday that you can get away for lunch or even a couple of coffee? My treat? I can do any Sat other than the 8th and if that weekend is best I can do Sunday.

    I will come to you.

    Bet you were not expecting this to show up here 😉 So how about it?


  3. Ping from Laine:

    Get back to that WIP!! Just from the signs you mentioned, it sounds really interesting!!

  4. Ping from Cheryl:

    As I was reading about the hacker, I came to the line about the interview and I had the “more” button on my screen. I was thinking that when I clicked on it – you would then say “and it was someone I knew”. This could be the cool beginning to a novel. The “someone I knew” could be a spouse, child, co-worker etc. A novel about hidden selves.

  5. Ping from Patricia Lynne:

    You’re doing awesome. Keep it up. =D

  6. Ping from Angela Brown:

    You’ve got lots you’re keeping up with. Very awesome. And noticing the signs to get on your WIP is a very cool thing. It means your WIP is never far from your thoughts and marinating for when you’re ready to sit and get some new words in 🙂

  7. Ping from helen jameson:

    Those are great goals, Lady Jai. March will be a writing month! Congrats on the article. I will read it! Someday tell me the how and why of your name. It’s cool.

    • Ping from LadyJai:

      I’ve always been referred to as a “he” when someone sees “Jamie,” even now I get mail and email addressed to Mr. Not so LOL, really. So, I needed something feminine. In high school I took on the feminine Jai (pronounced Jay). And when the internet started, I needed a handle. Luv2BSpoild was just asking for trouble on AOL! ROFL. When I started alpha and beta testing Ultima Online, I put the “Lady” in front of my nickname because it just fit with the genre of the game. It has been with me ever since. 😛

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