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January Week 2 #WriteMotivation

I'm weird, and proud!

I’m weird, and proud!

In an effort to force myself out of the dark hole, I’m going to try to write something positive about ME on a mirror and take a picture of it. NO NEGATIVITY ALLOWED! Anyone else want to participate in this??

January #WriteMotivation goals

  1. Get back into the swing of things. while on vacation I stagnated, zero words.
    So, I’ve opened my WIP in Scrivener and started re-reading, hoping to get back into my main character’s head…only ONCE! I’m so horrible. BUT! I’ve written a letter to my senators and representative about the VA appeals process. I even mailed it! YAY! Also, I’ve written something for the WriteMotivation.Org site. Be sure to check it out… AND, I’ve also decided to open my new blog for the public eye…I’ve also scheduled a new post coming out tomorrow. So, I’ve been writing. Just not where I want to be yet.
  2. Work on my positive thinking and trying to connect with other caregivers of veterans. Over the last 3 months I’ve spiraled out of control into a deep abyss and I am trying to claw my way back out.
    Working on that with the VA Caregiver Program. I started my 6 week “Building Better Caregivers” course today. I’ve joined, and participated in, the Facebook groups I found online. And I’m still in contact with my friend in Tampa.
  3. Playing with a new idea for a blog but this may be private for a while and will be a different website. This should help with #2.
    So, as I said, I opened up my new blog idea to the public. If you haven’t seen it yet, stop on by and let me know what you think! Also, I’ve got another something in the works as my friend in Tampa, since her husband’s accident he’s been home and working on his books and company. He’s offered me something wonderful and I hope it works out! His ideas are so amazing.
  4. Read another book. In progress…trying to finish up Xenocide, the 3rd book in the Ender Series. 65% done!



  1. Ping from Heather Cashman:

    You are not horrible! I think you’re doing an amazing amount of things AND helping all of us stay motivate–which I greatly appreciate! Keep up the good work and know we are rooting for you.

  2. Ping from Leigh Caroline:

    WHOOT! Weird is the new cool. 😛 Normal’s a setting on the washing machine, nothing more. 😛 <3

  3. Ping from K.T. Hanna (@KTHanna):

    I think you’re doing so well. I love your other blog, even if it made me cry to read it. You are such an amazing and strong person.
    I love your brand of weird and I’m proud to be kinda weird myself 😉

    • Ping from LadyJai:

      I love you!! You really know how to lift me up! I am so happy to have met you! I’m glad to share my feelings. Maybe once people read, they can understand what I deal with every day. Even if no one goes to the other blog, it’s good to admit and get those feelings out.

  4. Ping from Patricia Lynne:

    I’m proud of being weird too, but my bathroom mirror is too small to do something like that. =(

    You’re doing awesome and totally rock.

  5. Ping from Jessie Lambert:

    So, yesterday the mantra was “one word=success” and today’s is “I’m weird and proud”. Haha! I get what you mean by writing, but not writing where you need to be. But, what you’re writing now could be oiling a rusty muse anyway, since you didn’t write while on vacation. You’re getting there! *gives cookie*

    • Ping from LadyJai:

      any writing is good. As you say, it does oil those gears! 😀 I just wish I could do what I want, when I want. I’m stubborn like that hehe

  6. Ping from helenrj:

    I’m weird and proud! I’ve yet to met one normal person in all my years. I think it’s a myth!

  7. Ping from Angela Brown:

    Hey! I’m weird and proud of it too 🙂

    Glad to see you taking small steps toward progress. No one ever said things had to be done in leaps and bounds.

    • Ping from LadyJai:

      I need to remember the small steps. I have always wanted the whole shebang no matter what. I’ve learned that’s not always possible but still, remembering that small steps lead to the whole picture…well, something I have to work on constantly.

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