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This Is Life.

Watch this ballerina perform En Pointe on the tips of KITCHEN KNIVES!

The universe is so full of polar opposites. It’s a constant battle between hot and cold, light and dark, wet and dry, white and black, positively and negatively charged, good and evil, ugly and beauty. Our universe constantly pulls one way or another trying to find that perfect balance, but never really quite making it. It is in a constant state of chaos.

Life can be cruel. We are never settled in one state of mind. When life seems to be going smoothly, something always comes along to throw a wrench into our comfort zones. Our hearts are always battling our mind. Chaos.

The only thing we can do to manage some semblance of balance, is to live day-to-day, or even moment to moment. Frustration grows, negativity flourishes. Frustration that things aren’t going as planned. That things are piling up. That things will never be good. The more you feed the negative thoughts, the more they grow –  like mold spores, they infest the mind and kill the light, the hope, the heart.

Watch the clip again. Hear the ballerina’s frustration? But watch her feet. She’s graceful, despite the challenge. This is what we must strive for. Grace in the face of frustration. It’s what makes us strong. Makes us endure and overcome. Sure we’ll go down the negative road again. But on the other side, you’ll look back and see just how much strength you already had, the grace you held while dealing.

Find the positive, in any situation, no matter how small.

Between the dead decaying grass of winter and the concrete of our patio, the little viola pushed through and found a way to survive–offering hope in a bleak situation.

Remember to take it one day at a time. And if that’s too much, take it one moment at a time. Find the positive, no matter how tiny, in every situation.



  1. Ping from Angela Brown:

    That was certainly a unique En Pointe performance. I like the way you use the video to be a visual of the “grace” that should be displayed even amid the frustrations we feel. And boy can we feel some frustrations 🙂

  2. Ping from Lynn A. Davidson:

    Hi Jamie,
    First I have to say this video was too weird for me. But I loved what you had to say. Life is a balancing act for sure. Sometimes it is hard to find the positive, but it’s always there .. somewhere .. as if waiting to be found and appreciated. (Kind of like me. 🙂 )
    Love ya

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