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#BookReview: Fight Princess by M. S. Kaye


Release Date: 9/2/2013

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Things Aren’t what they seem. Don’t get involved.

Celisse is too headstrong to listen. Her best friend’s boyfriend is dead, and she does not heed Cullen’s warning, slipped to her in a note as he’s being arrested for the murder.

Cullen tries to keep Celisse out of things and also tries to avoid her, both unsuccessfully. He can’t deny his feelings for her anymore, but he knows he can’t have her—if she ever discovered the truth about his past, she’d surely hate him.

While struggling with her intense feelings for Cullen, she uses her skills as an ex-prosecutor to investigate, all while continuing to fight for Ogden, the organizer of an underground fight ring. She eventually realizes things are connected—the ring, Ogden, Cullen, the murder, and herself. She races to uncover the truth before she’s arrested or becomes the next victim—or the next culprit.


My Thoughts

Being a local crit partner in the past for M. S. Kaye, I’ve had the opportunity to read bits and pieces of several other works of hers, though never a romance. I knew her writing, and I knew how good it was, even before she acquired her publication deal. (Which I’m so happy for her, as well as proud!)

Normally, when I think of Romance, I automatically think Harlequin-type (or even that fad that has half a hundred hues of one non-nondescript color) books. Those are really not my thing. This is *NOT* your Harlequin Romance. And I’m thankful.

What I really liked about this book, the thing that drew me in, was the story itself. Celisse is not your “damsel in distress,” a woman who “needs” a man to complete her. She is her own person by her own right. A strong woman who can take care of herself. This is definitely my ideal “princess.” The story is not strictly about the attraction, or the sex. No, there is meat (no pun intended) to this story. Engaging, and unique characters and story make for a great read for me.

The romantic scenes were tantalizing and real. The motives of both Celisse and Cullen brought frustration into the mix. And when they finally caved in, M. S. Kaye describes their interactions that left my heart racing. I could easily see where this may very well leave someone panting, but I’m a hard sell with that so don’t gauge the romance by what I say. I like the fact that these scenes are not overly done. This isn’t a porn with words. But most of all, it isn’t mush. The sex doesn’t change Celisse into a blubbering love-struck girly girl. She maintains her confidence but learns to compliment her partner. THE BEST MESSAGE!

Right from the start, the story drew me in, getting to know all the players. The mystery M. S. Kaye reveals keeps you guessing to the very end. I love puzzles and love to figure out the mysteries. I just had to keep reading. My gut instincts usually get me to the right conclusion. Near the end, though, I nearly thought I was wrong. Several twists left me questioning my own deductions.

I won’t spoil it for you. But if you like a little murder mystery with a hint of romance, this is one book you should read.  I, for one, cannot wait to read more.

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  2. Ping from Angela Brown:

    This is a wonderful review. Engaging characters, strong-minded female leads and drama are a draw for me.

    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. Ping from M. S. Kaye:

    Thank you, Jamie! I know you always tell it like it is; that’s why it means so much to get a positive review from you! Thank you for being the first to review my book!

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