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Happy Birthday to Me!!! & #WriteMotivation August Update #2

Even Google wished me Happy Birthday!

Even Google wished me Happy Birthday!

So, today marks another trip around the sun. It’s been two years since I’ve managed to engage in a holding pattern as The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything. So this also makes me a TIME LORD! And I’ve inadvertently discovered time travel. So where’s my TARDIS??

Why is there not an animated GIF of a T-Rex flailing his tiny arms? Surely, I’m not the only one obsessed and find this image hilarious!


At least the universe is celebrating the day of my birth. So, help me party! Go out tonight, when the sun has set, and look to the heavens and watch.

The Perseids are one of the most predictable meteor showers we have. Tonight is their peak, averaging two flashes/streaks per minute (depending on viewing conditions). I am hoping for clear skies, as usually these are overcast here during this time of year with the nightly summer showers. But it’s supposed to be hot as all get out. And the last few years, the moon has overpowered the night sky. This year, though, it’s in its waxing crescent phase which will limit the moonlight and allow us to see the streaking meteors! *fingers crossed*

My August Goals so far:

1) Be Positive, Try to find the positive in every situation, no matter how small. This has got to be ALWAYS!! After last weekend’s “attitude” I had, I decided to try being more patient. WOW, can you say HARD! But I managed. TheBoy got to help me cook. And this weekend, we went shopping without incident….though TheBoy still dreads it, and his body language screams it, I tried so hard to keep calm and point it out to him. Not sure if it’s sinking in, but at least we didn’t butt heads like last weekend!  Not sure what kind of “positives” I can find in TheHubs’ situation when he’s constantly in pain, and now his insomnia is back! I feel so helpless. But at least I’m there for him.
2) Cheer others on with #writemotivation cookie flinging and positive thoughts! Another ALWAYS! Not entirely a fail, but without TweetDeck, I’ve been falling behind! I MISS TweetDeck!!!!! Nothing I’ve tried comes close to following hashtags/people, AND NOTIFYING ME of replies and posts by those tags! UGH! So frustrated!! So, out of sight out of mind and I’m really beginning to hate not being a part of this group! :(
3) Continue writing SOMETHING, EVERYDAY! Even if I can’t work on my novel, I’ll try my hand at short stories. Whatever it is, it has to be writing! DEFINITELY ALWAYS! So, I’ve worked a bit on a new opening to my novel. Trying to get into the main character and make people like her. Working out issues. But, really, watching the Science Channel is not conducive to actual writing. But daggum it, I sure got some FANTASTIC ideas….no real plots yet. But I’ve got ideas! 🙂
4) Read another book. Completed HJ for Andrew. Was worried about the notes I had for him but he reassured me they all worked. 🙂 Tried to read another book that just fell flat. The Main Character was beyond annoying for me. I wanted to chuck it at the wall. So, instead, I shelved it and started reading another. Halfway done with that one too! YAY me!
5) Continue submitting my short stories, “O.N.” and “S.S.”  Let’s see how many I can get before someone accepts me. :) I just received another rejection for S.S. this weekend. So that makes it 5 rejections for O.N. and 3 for S.S. And submitted S.S. to another venue this morning.  Hopefully, submitting on my birthday is good karma.




  1. Ping from Imogen:

    Happy birthday, Lady Jai – love your attitude to writing!

  2. Ping from CJ:

    Happy Belated Birthday! We almost share a birthday (mine was the day after yours). Great work on the goals, too. Hang in there, you’re doing great. 🙂

  3. Ping from Heather Cashman:

    Sometimes all we can do is keep going and hope things get better. You sound like you’re doing great with all that’s on your plate. Happy Birthday!

  4. Ping from Alessa Hinlo:

    Happy belated birthday and great progress!

  5. Ping from Cheyenne:

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday and got some clear skies! None here so we missed out. Sorry to hear being without TweetDeck on your phone has been troublesome! I miss it on mine, as well. HootSuite is nowhere near as good. Keep hoping they’ll bring it back.

    Progress is progress and you’re doing it, though! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🙂

  6. Ping from Candace Gauger:

    Happy, happy, happy, HAPPY Birthday!! =^.^= Enjoy the meteor shower. Got too many clouds to see much of anything tonight and I managed to get out early to spend time with the family. Got to love early nights!

  7. Ping from Patricia (@plynne_author):

    Happy Birthday and hooray for your work on your goals!

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