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#WriteMotivation June Update #3

June’s goals

1) Be Positive, Try to find the positive in every situation, no matter how small. Ok, so last week was a bit of a challenge on this front. I spent most of my week dealing with ID-10-Ts at the Day Job, which zapped all energy out of me. I think emotional exhaustion is worse than physical exhaustion only for the simple fact that it hangs around a LOT longer than the physical.  But the positives in my day always happened when I went home. TheHubs & TheBoy are always there. Plus TheKats. But, alas, I now have a TheBird to deal with. I despise TheRent’s bird. He’s so mean. And he is so used to the run of the house. But with 3 cats, don’t think we can manage that. So he sits in his cage and does the “get-out-dance” and screeches all day.

Just look at Itty Bitty eyeing that thing. Less than one week to go before TheRents come back from Vacation! Seriously, though, how do they always leave the bird with us when we have 3 cats??

2) Cheer others on with #writemotivation cookie flinging and positive thoughts! See #1          If you need me, @ me wherever you need to! I’ll always respond. :)

3) attempt to FINISH THAT WIP! Or at least write SOMETHING! I’ve still not touched the WIP yet. I’m actually kind of waiting on the last of my CPs to get back with me so I can start learning to edit. The end I’ve written, is pretty much “synopsized” in the WIP; but I might not need it? Still waiting on word for that short story I submitted a few weeks back *hold breath, turns blue, passes out* So, that story I was doing for this anthology kind of fizzled out right now. BUT, I’ve started writing on something I’ve been wanting to write since a friend passed away from cancer a year ago. I just don’t seem to be able to focus on one thing anymore. It’s frustrating. But I’m at least writing. Something. 🙂

4) find something to blog about other than these Update posts. Last week I found inspiration in CP-ing. Check it out if you haven’t already. And I’ve already got something planned for later this week.

5) read another book.  Finished up my CP, as promised! YAY! And now, on to another book.

So far, I’ve read, and commented, everyone’s posts I’ve found so far. And you all are doing fabulous! Keep up the good work and can’t wait to chit-chat this Thursday on the Google Hangout!



  1. Ping from valerierlawson:

    LOL! I kept trying to figure out wtf ID 10 Ts meant – duh! and at least you are writing something – that’s so true. when an ending or difficult scene is giving me a hard time, i find working on something else can free up your creative side enough to solve the problem.

  2. Ping from MAJK (@Safireblade):

    Writing Something is better than nothing and let’s face it every good idea grew out of something no matter how different that something might have been from the final product. Your positive messages have really helped the group keep it up!

  3. Ping from K.T. Hanna:

    I’m getting there. I’m sorry you’re still waiting on me. Sorry 🙁
    Also thank you for your input 🙂 I’ll be revising ai after FOD now 😉

    And I still think you kick major butt with the positivity <3

  4. Ping from Patricia (@patricialynne07):

    LOL That photo is awesome. The cat is looking at the bird like “I’m going to eat you.”
    *\o/* You can make those goals by the end of the month. I know it.They’ll all be crossed off. I have faith in you. =D

  5. Ping from Heather Jacobs:

    I love all your messages on the write motivation update posts. You are amazoids.

    You are making excellent progress. So proud of you. 🙂

    And I love the look on Itty Bitty’s face. There’s a plan at work in that brain. 🙂

  6. Ping from Amy Ravenel:

    You’re making progress. Excellent work!

  7. Ping from Rebecca Enzor:

    Good job on the list! And I love that photo of the cat and bird. That cat looks so pissed off 😛

  8. Ping from M. Andrew Patterson (@M_A_Patterson):

    Woot! I love your positive messages and I’m glad that you’re making progress. 😀 I will be here cheering you on.

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