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#AtoZchallenge — P is for Perspective — #WriteMotivation

When you're stuck, change your perspective.

My senior class art teacher set out a wine bottle, an apple, and some grapes, this was our task for this class session. Now, I wasn’t the best artist. I can copy most anything. But coming out with the images I have in my head…NOPE! My project went well enough, at least until I tried to draw the right side of the bottle. No matter what I did it was wrong, lopsided, and warped. My teacher saw me struggling. He turned my canvas upside down and told me to draw. I did. And, guess what? Once I turned it right side up, it was actually decent! So, when you’re stuck, change your perspective.

If you need more Motivation/Positive Post-It Notes, please feel free to click away!

A is for Attitude
B is for Believe
C is for Cheering
D is for Don’t Quit!
E is for Encourage
F is for Find the Positive
G is for Go! Go! Go!
H is for Help
I is for Inspiration
J is for Just Do It!
K is for Keep Going
L is for Learn
M is for Make the First Move

N is for Never Give Up!
O is for One More
P is for Perspective



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  2. Ping from Damyanti:

    Perspective. One of the most important words in fiction, and life.

  3. Ping from Fida:

    Lol at the post, yet so true! Thanks for sharing! (:

  4. Ping from Grace Grits & Gardening:

    So true! I feel stuck right now and unable to work on my book. Maybe I’ll go write at a coffee shop for a different view…

  5. Ping from Tara Tyler Robinson (@taratylertalks):

    your post it posts are perfection!!
    and if everyone had more perspective, they would have more compassion. get out of the comfort zone!
    pertinent advice for p day!
    also liked make the first move, great stuff here!

  6. Ping from Angela Brown:

    A change of perspective, or at least an open mind to view from a different perspective, could be such a helpful thing in dealing with obstacles, changing them from impassable mountains to molehills easily overcome.

  7. Ping from Cheyenne Campbell:

    I love this! I’m so easily reminded of it when painting/drawing – but not enough in every other aspect of life, so thank you for the reminder 🙂

    The other day when I was working on a painting (first in about 3 years), I remembered the old trick of photographing it. Somehow, in the photo, all the flaws and places I went wrong with proportion stood out so easily. I don’t know why it works, it just does. Now, to figure out a way to apply this to writing… 😀

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