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March #WriteMotivation Goals – Week 1

FINALLY! IT’S HERE! #WriteMotivation 2013 has begun! YAY!

I’ve missed my cheer squad so much! Even though we still randomly cheer each other on through Twitter, we haven’t had an organized month of cheering for a while. With KT having her baby and learning how to work a schedule, and then selling, buying, and moving house, I can so totally understand. But I still missed everyone!

Here’s my March Goals:

1) Be Positive. This has been the biggest issue for me over the last couple of months. I REALLY need to work on it!
2) Encourage others to be positive and continue to make progress.
3) Continue writing. Progress is progress, one word at a time. It’s just infuriating when you fail to get anywhere because of, well, life. :(

4) I’m adding this after the fact: Read another book for pleasure. I seem to be able to manage a book in a month, or so–given the circumstances.

The hardest thing to do in life is “be positive”. But it’s so worth it in the end. If you need a little help understanding what I mean, I wrote a blog post a while back explaining my epiphany. Maybe it can help the new #writemotivation folks, or help remind us seasoned ones.  So, I focus on this today to help remind me to always be positive, no matter how hard it is.

My WIP is coming along, slower than I ever hoped. But it’s coming along. And I’m almost at the end of the first draft! Maybe a chapter and a half left? I never thought I could do it. I never thought I could write a novel. All my stories have been short. But here I am, sitting at 69,000 or so words so far in a single story! Amazing, right? Well, even if it’s taken a year and a half, I’ve managed to get this far! And, I’m almost done.

Then the hard part starts…learning how to edit it! 🙂

I hope you will all join me in that endeavor as well! I’ll definitely need loads of Redbull, cookies, and cheering! 🙂

Until next time, keep writing! Keep editing! Keep learning. And always find the positive in each day, no matter how small. It will help get you through to the next, and the next, and the next.



  1. Ping from MAJK (@Safireblade):

    Stay positive – call or text me when you get too down and I’ll start imitating Jar Jar 😉 We need to plan a lunch again – maybe something after Easter where I come up there {{HUG}}

  2. Ping from Rebekah Loper:

    Whoot! Congrats on being so close with the first draft – I’m so proud of you! (Especially since I know we’ve been going through some sadly similar real-life stress lately.)

  3. Ping from valerierlawson:

    does that say 92% finished? that is awesome! you are so close! and i would have to agree that sometimes being positive can be…challenging. i’ve had a recent brush with humanity lately that made me question my positive outlook, but you can’t go changing just because a few bad apples ruined the pie or whatever the saying is. i know how exciting it is to finally get to those words, “the end” for the first time. you can do it! the rest is gravy…or cookies…or cake, whatever you want.

  4. Ping from Viklit:

    EEeeeeee good luck with March goals! I didn’t realise writemotivation had officially begun, I’ll keep an eye out for the next sign ups! 🙂

  5. Ping from Cheyenne:

    Yay! Editing to me is the most fun part. I’m so excited to read your completed draft! I might not be around on Twitter as much for a bit but I will try to cheer when I can! 🙂

  6. Ping from Leigh Caroline:

    Hey, I still haven’t finished my very first novel!! I don’t think that one will EVER be done. Sticking with one story like that is AWESOME and AMAZING! It took me until my… third? attempt, I think… at a novel to actually hit the End on it. <3

  7. Ping from CJ Jessop:

    Awesome that you are almost done with your first draft! Well done, and slow is better than not at all, right? 🙂

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