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Creating A Memento For A Little Bundle of #WriteMotivation Joy!

I became fast friends with a dear, wonderful, and talented lady — KT Hanna. She kept me motivated and encouraged me to keep writing when I wasn’t sure of myself, or my talent. When she told me she was expecting, I wanted to do something extra special, something that I hope the whole family will treasure for decades to come. I decided the perfect gift, one I hope no one else gave her, was a way to express my love. I’ve been quilting on and off for twenty-three years. And a homemade gift is always something meaningful, at least to me. So I decided to  make her little one a quilt to cherish for a long time to come. I’ve put together a slideshow for everyone to enjoy the process.


(Mouse over the images to see their description)



  1. Ping from K.T. Hanna (@KTHanna):

    It’s so beautiful. We love it and I refuse to let her poop all over it. Though I’m not sure I’ll have a choice for much longer lol.
    You made me cry happy tears you beautiful woman you <3 Much love. Such a gorgeous gift we'll treasure for years to come.

  2. Ping from Cheyenne Campbell:

    Beautiful! So much work must go into something like this, and love, too 🙂 What a gift!

  3. Ping from Angela Brown:

    Writing, sowing, quilting! You are just a hive of talents galore 🙂 That end product is beautiful and the love you stitched into it can never be valued on any scale. That is truly a gift from the heart.

    You, my dear, are a blessing!

  4. Ping from sueannbowlingauthor:

    Don’t know how you did the slide show, but it is marginal with my “fast” phone connection. I only saw half the slides, and most of those I did see failed to load completely. Can you do it so the user controls the speed with which the slides change?

  5. Ping from Heather Jacobs:

    It’s so beautiful. I too somewhat stink at crafting. I wish I had the patience and the talent. It turned out awesome. What a great gift.

  6. Ping from Leigh Caroline:

    So awesome! I stink at crafting, and other than knitting scarves, haven’t tried any fabric type stuff. So this sort of craft project amazes me! 😀 She loved it (I know because she repeatedly told me so, lol!!)

  7. Ping from Alison Stone (@Alison_Stone):

    How sweet. The quilt is beautiful!

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