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Premonitory Dreams & A Decade of Awesome!

TheBoy had his 10th birthday party this weekend.


OMG I can’t believe how much he’s grown, how much time has passed, and how little time with the best thing I’ve ever created I have left.


Minecraft Creeper Cake

Minecraft Creeper Cake

I had been stressing about this party since Wednesday–since I woke up at 3am freaking. There I was sitting at Jump!Zone with NO CAKE. I couldn’t go back to sleep. But I tried to shake it off. Didn’t think much about it until Saturday morning when I went to go pick up the cake from my friend who was making it. She was falling behind because she spent half the night with her dog in the emergency ER. Poor baby broke her toe. And I felt really horrible.

All day Friday I asked if there was anything I could do to help out. But she said no. But no one knew an accident would happen.

Here I was 10:30am with NO CAKE. I had to get my son to his party. And there I sat, at Jump!Zone with NO CAKE!

And yes, I was freaking out.

TheHubs stayed behind to help out our friend get the finishing touches on it. It was a surprise for TheBoy. All he knew was Ms. Liz was making his cake. But we had no cake.

They started the party and within a few minutes, TheHubs shows up with the cake! YAY! And OMG was it the best looking cake as well as the best tasting cake! Not from a box. Homemade. It was a total hit!

Out of the 15 kids, plus adults, we ate the whole head. We still had the body and feet to go. And I thought we would be eating cake for weeks to come.

Not with TheHubs’ sweet tooth. We now only have the feet to eat.

Stupid premonitory dreams! TheHubs kept reassuring me that it wasn’t my fault. Accidents happen. But I still freaked. I felt bad for making Ms. Liz make the cake. I felt bad that I couldn’t help. I felt bad she missed her Vet appointment because she was finishing up my cake. I just felt really horrible all around. I just can’t help it. And I am still struggling to control it.

Have you ever had a premonitory dream?



  1. Ping from Rebecca Fisk:

    It’s amazing to see how much your son resembles you and your husband and the morphing through the years! Great idea to make the slide show. As for premonitory dreams…yes. All the time. Often my “premonitions” aren’t dreams at all, but while I’m perfectly awake. The awake ones make a heckuva lot more sense than the dream ones do. I don’t think there is anything mystical about it- I think we take in far greater detail and nuance than we realize and our minds sort it out accordingly. Although, many people don’t seem to have the ability to do this at all, so who really knows. What’s important is the day turned out wonderfully for everyone after all and your son had a great party!

  2. Ping from Angela Brown:

    Love the slide show. Amazing to see how much the little ones grow right before our eyes.

    Preminitions occur. They can’t be helped. What can be helped is what we do. Even that can’t be controled as in, your case, it was an accident that caused things to go slightly awry…an understandable accident that had to be attended. I have no doubt what was done – case wise- was done out of love so no need to feel bad. Sounds like things worked out for the good of all invovled. Here’s a virtual glass of wine to toast things working out in the midst of imperfection and for many joyful years for you with Hubs and son. 🙂

  3. Ping from Cheyenne Campbell:

    The photos are so sweet and he is growing into quite the handsome little man – but you’ve got a lifetime of memories to come with him as well 🙂 I know they say it does go so fast, and the only thing I can compare it to is how fast my own childhood seemed to disappear! Scary, which is why we’ve just got to enjoy every minute we can, even in the midst of stress and anxiety, there’s always something to get peace from. The cake is amazing and you have a great friend, and she wouldn’t have made it if she didn’t want to so don’t feel bad!!

    I think my own over-anxious mind pictures things I don’t want it to picture a lot – enough while awake that my mind decides to dream about them too, but I always remind myself that absolutely no good comes from focusing/picturing negative things happening. It’s hard to stop sometimes, though!

    Sounds like everyone enjoyed the cake thoroughly! Homemade is the BEST 🙂

  4. Ping from Poppy Klaproosje:

    Yes time is going by fast and will speed up as the years go by, but – God willing – you still have MANY years together in front of you. Maybe not under the same roof (when he goes off to college) but I bet he will come home quite often.

  5. Ping from Leigh Caroline:

    Awww!! TheBoy is ADORABLE as a little guy, and looking awesome and cool as he grows up! *hugs* Hey, at least the cake got there! There was one birthday party (I think I was…7? maybe. Guessing based on which car we had at the time) where the cake was on the passenger seat and flew off at a hard stop, splattered all over the dashboard! My mom was like…. O.o shit!
    And not that I know of… Dejavu and other waking premonitions, though, yes. 😉

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