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All Work And No Play, Makes Me A Grumpy Something for #WriteMotivation

October was a very stressful month.

November is turning out to be very busy on top of the stress.

I’ve taken a break  from all online anything since the beginning of the month. Not intentionally, of course. At the day job, all the work the other groups pushed back at the beginning of the year is now piling up on me. I say me, because my boss has taken all my help away. I am the only one right now that can do the work for the super secret government stuff. At least I have been training someone else to do the not so secret stuff. But…

If you’ve been following my tweets, you’ve no doubt seen me complain about my trainee. She’s slow. She’s not grasping the process. And so I am forced to pick up her slack, on top of my own work. I feel like a failure, even though she’s the one not getting it. I’ve sent off a progress report to the Boss, but we have to give her as much time as she needs it seems….

But due dates to the government CANNOT be pushed back!

My Golden Rule On Writing First DraftsAlso, if you’ve been following my tweets, you’ll know I am suffering from Repetitive Stress Injury–no doubt from my cramped work environment along with the data analysis I have to do on such a tight deadline.

I’ve not been able to type much. Even typing this post is causing me pain. So my novel has taken a HUGE hit.

This saddens me. But I have been able to make a little progress, no matter how small, in the last 13 days.

I have my trusty JPG image to help remind me that a single word is progress! 🙂

My goals for #WriteMotivation for November seem to have been a tad premature due to the stress and the injury. But here they are.

1) Progress —  this I have made so far, even if just a little.
2) Read another book — been waiting on TheBoy to finish the 2nd Percy Jackson book so I can continue the series. Meanwhile, he’s given me How To Be Pirate, 2nd book in the How To Train Your Dragon series. (He so loves it when I read a book after him. Whatever gets him to read, right?)
3) Provide unending support for #writemotivationFAIL! I’ve been away from all social media because of the job and the pain.
4) Write blog posts for both #writemotivation and a few others, if I can think of some. — This is the first one I’ve done for this month. This is not boding well either.

All that being said, I have to close this for now as typing this up has aggravated the injury again. UGH! So, until next time….Good luck! *Throws cookie confetti* and if you need some motivation, make sure you @ me directly on Twitter! I always answer those!



  1. Ping from Rebekah Loper:

    *hug* don’t worry about the support – sometimes you have to take more than you can give out at the time, and someday you’ll be able to pay it back.

    Take care of yourself, and those injuries. We don’t want to see you hurt any worse. I’m praying for you :).

  2. Ping from Cheyenne Campbell:

    The lead-up to the holidays is always crazy, but with your work piling up, trainee not catching on, and you picking up the slack, it sounds like a clash of some heavy-duty stress. But your story will stew until the times you have a chance to work on it. Sometimes working things out in your head can be the best way to plot anyhow! We’ll be here cheering YOU on, and missing you while you’re not. But get that arm better, that’s the most important thing! xxx

  3. Ping from Damyanti:

    Hey, feel better! I’m having a busy November too — here’s hoping things ease out for you soon!

  4. Ping from Leigh Caroline:

    *hugs* Months like this happen, sweetie. Don’t stress it! Relax, recuperate, and once the pain goes down and the deadlines are done, come out swinging! <3 Been there, done that. Most years, from mid october til mid February, I never have time to socialize, much less breathe, so this year is hurting my brain a bit. *hugs*

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