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Writing Goals, We All Need Them – #writemotivation

My Golden Rule On Writing First DraftsSeptember Goals:

2) Complete blog posts for #writemotivation and hopefully have a few extras in there as I’m all dried up lately. I’ve managed this along with a few more.  
3)Complete Crit in a timely manner. I’ve managed to complete this last week! YAY! Due to some life issues, the beginning of the week had been very un-creative. So, rather than waste it, I put full effort into escaping reading.
4) Read another book for pleasure. Started reading, does that count? 😀 
5) And always, ALWAYS, provide unending support, cheering, and cookie flinging, to anyone who needs it. I think I did a pretty OK job despite my life problems. 

So, for October, I pledge to keep up with the cheering and the writing. No need to take a month off, right? 🙂 #WriteMotivation is always there for whomever needs it! Come on, join the crowd, we don’t bite…unless you want us too!

And don’t ever forget my Golden First Draft Rule!



  1. Ping from valerierlawson:

    oh, you did so much better with your goals than i did. great job! life will always be there to get in the way. you still managed to cross off a lot. excellente!

  2. Ping from Leigh Caroline:

    WHOOOOHOOOOOOO!! GO JAI!! Absolutely awesome job, keep it up!! 😀

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