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Borderlands 2 QR Code Easter Eggs

Borderlands 2

Currently a Work in Progress!

We managed to snag the Ultimate Loot Chest Collector’s edition, a FULL WEEK after it’s release. Gamestop had one no one picked up. The manager tried every day to contact the person, and finally, after a week with no contact, she released it to us! YAY!

Ultimate Vault Hunter Collector's Edition of Borderlands 2

Ultimate Loot Chest Collector’s Edition of Borderlands 2


In the first Borderlands, they had little easter eggs throughout the maps of Pandora. Before QR Codes were popular, 2K & Gearbox threw them in the first Borderlands. And sure enough, we’ve found our first one in Borderlands 2.

We are now on a hunt to document all the QR codes we can find.

Is it too late to do this?
Or even do this for Borderlands 1?
Most of the time for B1, we had a hard time getting the code to catch with the reader.
So, be prepared, even in B2, our first one took us about an hour, even with our HD TV, several different gun zooms, and 4 QR Code catching devices.

To find out what they say, all you have to do is download/install a QR Code reader on your smartphone or tablet. If you are doing this directly off your TV, you will need to make sure you have a pretty good display and zoom in on the code. I’ve grabbed the QR Code for you from my history once it’s been scanned on my phone. You can also go to Online QR Code Decoder and decode it there.

Good luck.

1) Moxxi’s Pizza Box — located inside Moxxxi’s Place in Sanctuary

Moxxxie's Pizza QR Code

Moxxi’s Pizza Box
Click image for full size QR Code
TEXT: Wiseman say, forgiveness is divine but never pay full price for late pizza. –Captain Picard

2) Postcards from the Edge…of Sanctuary — Located just outside the city walls, where you place the power cell to gain entry into the city.
Postcards From The Edge...of Sanctuary QR Code

Postcards From The Edge…of Sanctuary
Click image for full size QR Code
TEXT:Nick Wilson
Ho Oh

3) Zedd’s Pharmacy— Located in Sanctuary, in Zedd’s Pharmacy, inside the open refrigerator door directly across from the entry door to the pharmacy.
Zedd's Pharmacy QR Code

Zedd’s Pharmacy QR Code
TEXT: Thank you so much for playing our game, now I’m rich with love AND money! !!Nick Wilson!! Ditto!!!

I’m still waiting on the contact information, or the winning sweepstakes one! I know you’re in there. *looks glaringly at Gearbox Software*

Have you found any?


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