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Stealth Ninja Assassin T-Rex Throws Star Cookies at Beautiful Blogger Award

My friend (@DyadicEchoes) thought it would be funny to tag me in some Blog chain mail letter.
He blames a mutual friend (@MichellePierce). He said she started it. Sounds real mature doesn’t it?
So, I have my own comeback for the Beautiful Blogger Award.
I’m supposed to provide the following:
The last 7 lines I wrote (in first draft glory) <–I’m far too paranoid to put words from WIP#1 up on a blog.
The last 7 songs listened to
The last 7 books I read <–You can always check out my Book Reviews for this!
Seven favorite movies
Seven favorite authors
Seven songs that are significant to my stories
And seven more people upon whom I will bestow this “award”! <–I don’t like to tag, but if you are interested, go ahead and answer, link back to this post, and shoot me an email so I can read them. 🙂

Honestly, I don’t think I can answer these questions! I don’t write to music. Heck, I don’t even listen to much at all! And even if I did, I am horrible at remembering names of bands and songs! Coming up with 7 favorite movies…well, I have too many to name! And authors….see bands/song names. Besides, I like way too many to constitute making them my “favorite”. When I was younger, I never had a favorite rock band, never had a favorite teenage heart-throb, never had a favorite anything.

I never discriminated!
Still don’t!

In response though, I’ve commissioned the Stealth Ninja Assassin T-Rex Dino–Cheerleader T-Rex Dino’s undercover brother. Born out of necessity, he will serve only to “motivate” the most down-trodden of them all. And, for special occasions, such as this. You’ll never see him. You’ll never know he’s coming. He comes bearing “cookies”. And you will only feel the effects of his presence. 🙂

Stealth Ninja Assassin T-Rex Dino

Stealth Ninja Assassin T-Rex Dino



  1. Ping from Cheyenne Campbell:

    Some serious stealth going on here!! 🙂 Ninja-dino could throw a few of those cookies my way any day 😀

  2. Ping from valerierlawson:

    ha ha ha ha! that is the worst response to a tag award i’ve ever seen. bring on the ninjasaur!

  3. Ping from abigailkern:

    Ack! I’d hate to be on the new dino’s bad side…

  4. Ping from thebnc:

    Hahahaha! I absolutely LOVE the Stealth Ninja Assassin T-rex. That’s so very many kinds of awesome.

    And the seven lists of seven things were NOT what was originally on the award; you were just supposed to give seven facts about yourself. I was having too much trouble coming up with facts, so I just made up the lists. Because I like lists.

    So…yeah. 🙂

    I’m glad the end result was ninja star cookies. 😀

  5. Ping from M. Andrew Patterson (@DyadicEchoes):

    ROTFL! 😀 Well played. Well played. 😀

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