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September #WriteMotivation Update 1

So, the first week of September is in the bag.

Last week, I participated in a Word Race with other #writemotivation members. It was awesome…until I got to the weekend. Writing at home is rather difficult. I can’t get fully into my world because I have “MomMom look what I did. MomMom I want to show you something. MomMom come see this really cool thing.” Then I have the cats all flopping in, on, and around me and my laptop. And then, I have to take care of the house and my husband. It’s usually our gaming time (when he’s conscious and not in too much pain) and/or TV catch up time. So, weekends are really out, I think. Shame, I know. Maybe one day I’ll figure out how to write at home.

My Golden Rule On Writing First Drafts

1) Forward progress. No numbers. Those are not allowed in my world! I’ve decided. Please see my previous blog post regarding the reasons why! It really is freedom for me and I’m so happy to share with all of you! And I have made progress M-F! YAY!
2) Complete blog posts for #writemotivation and hopefully have a few extras in there as I’m all dried up lately. I’ve managed this along with a few more. Even got a #Caturday photo up this weekend. FINALLY got one of THE pictures I’ve been trying for since I got her. 🙂 Check it out! I’m very proud. Takes soooo much time, patience, and pictures. LOL
3) Complete Crit in a timely mannerI currently have one, and I’ve been lacking on this already. Hopefully, I can get my butt in gear.
4) Read another book for pleasure. Not sure this is going to happen due to #3
5) And always, ALWAYS, provide unending support, cheering, and cookie flinging, to anyone who needs it. ALWAYS!



  1. Comment by MAJK (@Safireblade):

    We should really try to schedule a once a month get together and write session. I’m so excited you made progress all week! Love the Dino! And thanks for being there for me during my write like hell time – you have no idea how helpful you were. * Hugs & Cookies *

  2. Comment by Mia K Rose:

    Wait, what word race?
    Yay for forward progress, and I agree, sometimes setting actual number goals can be much harder.
    Here’s hoping you can get to #4, because reading for pleasure is great. 🙂

  3. Comment by abigailkern:

    You’re amaze-balls! Don’t believe anything else. Love the pic. 🙂

  4. Comment by M. Andrew Patterson (@DyadicEchoes):

    You’re doing awesome, Jai! 😀 And love the pics! 😀

  5. Comment by viklit:

    Sounds like you are doing great!

  6. Comment by Bonnie Rae:

    You are doing great chic! And when it comes to writing on the weekends, I just don’t. I use that time for family and friends because I normally neglect them all during the week while I am writing, lol. Getting me to come out of my cave on a weekday is like pulling teeth!

    Good job on your goals girl!

  7. Comment by valerierlawson:

    That cat pic looked as hard to get as one of me having a good hair day. Well done. My hubs had the weekend off after working over 50 hours this week so I sacrificed some writing time to spend it with him and the younglings. Now it’s back to work/school for everyone and I can get back to writing.

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