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I’m in the Running….just not the counting! :)

So, I’ve been invited @Leigh_Caroline to a Word Race. I was skeptical because all these things usually mean, numbers. And if you’ve read my post on numbers, well then you’d know that I HATE NUMBERS! And the feeling is very mutual!

When I asked @Leigh_Caroline if I had to count, she assured me the answer was no. Just progress. So, that’s what I’m going to do. Write, write, write! Freedom from numbers, and them dragging me down and slowing the flow. I need to get the words out. And I am going to do this!

I WILL remember this:
My Golden Rule On Writing First Drafts

I’m in good company as well. My friends in the #WriteMotivation crowd have already had plenty of experience with the cheering and cookies.

@Leigh_Caroline & her friend Em — http://leighcaroline.wordpress.com
@chylu — http://cheyennecampbell.com
@DyadicEchoes — http://dyadicechoes.com
@RebekahLoper — http://blackanddarknight.wordpress.com/
@KTHanna — http://www.kthanna.com

And now, with the added oomph it may go even faster. I’m not worried if I don’t go faster, but I am going to run…er…write! 😀 Come on over and join in the fun!



  1. Ping from Leigh Caroline:

    It’s all for the purpose of kicking butts into gear. I have selfish reasons. I want to read more!! And I need to write too, lol!

  2. Ping from Cheyenne Campbell:

    Good luck, everybody! Hooray for productivity! And the cookies I might make later…

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