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#Caturday: Itty Bitty, Our Folded-Fold

Itty Bitty - Our non-Oxymoron cat

Itty Bitty – Our non-Oxymoron cat

March 2011, a friend of mine saw a post on Craig’s List that said they needed to find a new home for their Scottish Fold. She had 6 other cats and they were just bullying her to the point where she had to live her life in their bedroom. She didn’t want to give her up. She loved her. But she knew it was best for her.

She originally wanted a single cat home. But after telling here we already had 2 other Scottish Folds, explaining their easy personality, the fact they were about the same age, and that we didn’t think there would be a problem with them getting along, she agreed to meet with us. We had to drive to Georgia, about an hour away from home. We prepared everything for bringing her home, just in case, including the “fee” she wanted.

Once we got to her house, interacted with all her kitties, she knew. She knew it would be ok. This is what she told us. I offered the fee to her and she waved it off. She also told us that every time she’s given away any of her kitties (she saves and fosters), she always cries. This time, she was happy, she said.

It’s always good to know what others think of you, especially strangers and those trusting you with their life, or their heart. 

So, we brought her home, and we were now a 3 kitty family.

It has been a very long, and slow process to win her over. I believe we finally have. At least, as much as she will allow.

She is not a lap cat. And she definitely does not like to be picked up. But she likes to be close to me, in particular. She will follow me where ever I go. She talks to me. I invite her to come with me. And she knows when it’s “night night time” and will come upstairs with me.

Lounging Itty BittyHere is a letter I just sent to her previous owner:

It’s been one year since we picked up Itty Bitty! Amazing how much she’s changed in that year! When we first brought her home she wanted nothing to do with any of us. Now she helps me dress for work in the morning, greets me when I come home, talks to me all the while! She knows when it’s bed time and she needs no coaxing to go upstairs. she has her days with the other two, a hiss every now and again (even though Theo really wants to play) but the other two get in their spats too and they are brother and sister. Right now, as I type this, she sits in my lap. I call her name and she answers. She doesn’t sit in the lap as nearly as often as I would like. But I will take anything I can get. I knew it would be a long, slow process, but one well worth the wait. She’s happy here. So no need to worry! She’s loved and accepted. And the most important thing, she returns it all! Thank you.



  1. Ping from Rebekah Loper:

    Aw, such a pretty kitty! We’re getting ready to move my childhood cat over to my house (with the cat that my husband and I adopted shortly after marrying), so hopefully the move goes as smoothly for us! I’m not concerned about my cat, because he’s used to be around other cats . . . it’s the cat we have right now that I’m concerned about *sigh*. *crosses fingers and prays for sanity*

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