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What Do You Do With A Drunken Sailor – Or, Our Adventures Aboard The Black Raven Pirate Ship

Black Raven AdventuresWe wanted to do something fun as a family again. We don’t get out much on account of The Hubs’ pain levels and such. And we wanted to do SOMETHING while The Boy was still on summer vacation. I found this cool 1.5 hour Pirate cruise down in St. Augustine called The Black Raven Adventures. Every Saturday and Sunday, before the evening cruises, they cater to the kids and have a treasure “hunt”. This sounded fun, despite my sea sickness. And it was PIRATES! HELLO??! How could it NOTbe fun? Anyway… The day started out overcast, at least where we lived. And then it cleared up by the time we left at 11am. We celebrated with the new “rum”.

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum...er RedBull

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum…er RedBull

It was an hour drive to St. Augustine. Plus we had to find parking, and we wanted to be there early. We figured that would give us a good amount of time to sit and relax while we waiting for the boarding time. Oddly enough, we got down there and picked up our passes (and a hat for The Boy) and only had 20 minutes to spare. If we left any later, I don’t think we would have made it. So thankful, The Hubs said, let’s go early. It was a surprise for The Boy. He had no clue where we were going. He’s usually too smart for his own good but we managed to keep it from him, despite his constant “Where are we going?” Driving in the historic district of St. Augustine is very nerve-wracking. Pedestrians everywhere! Uncontrolled kids! Horses. Scooters. Just people! Everywhere! Sunday is free parking day along the streets. However, you have to get their early enough, like 8am. We did not. So, rather than trying to find a parking spot close to the marina, we opted for the safety of the Information Center Garage at $10 per day. Safer, and we knew where we parked. 😀 Boarding the Black Raven It was only about a 20 minute walk to the Black Raven Gift Shop, where we would pick up our boarding passes. The walk took up passed the Castillo and the Marina. We pointed out the pirate ship and The Boy exclaimed, “Aw, cool!” It wasn’t until we were in the shop, picking up our boarding passes, when I said, go ahead and pick out a hat if you want, that he realized we were going. I think he was excited a little. At least until we started walking down the docks to the boat. Then he got scared. I think it was more that the dock floated and you could feel, and see, it rising and falling with the waves. Before we boardedI started getting worried about him and whether or not he will enjoy himself. Once he got used to it, though, he was starting to worry us, by peering over the edge of the dock to look at the fish, sea turtle (Barnacle Bob), and the jellies that would come around. The other children that were in line became a bit pushy, so that grated on our nerves as well. All in all, it worked out in the end and we boarded the ship. We sat in the forecastle of the ship (the upper deck on the bow of the ship). Pretty good seats really. We only had 10 people up there with us, 4 of them children. The Boy was happy we weren’t on the poop deck. 🙂 Although we weren’t in the thick of the entertainment, we had a good view of the water, shore, and the pirates down below.

View onto the main deck

View onto the main deck from the Forecastle

The first matter of order was to train the crew up for some sword fighting.

Training the crew for sword fighting

After that, they had face painting. The Boy came back looking so much older, and pirate-y! 😀

Our little pirate, Arrrrg!

After we had a few rounds of singing, (no drinking, this is a family trip), the kids gathered round to plot their strategy. It was heard that Captain Blackbeard or Captain Hook had been seen in these here waters and the crew of the Black Raven wanted their treasure back. 😛

Practicing their threatening stanceThe trick here was to hide their swords and when Blackbeard or Hook tried to come on board, the crew would yell the secret word and the kids would raise their swords in a threatening manner.

And now that we have the practice session down, commence looking for the Queen Anne.

Looking for the Queen Anne, Blackbeard and Hook

Thar she blows! Over by the Castillo!

Spotted The Queen Anne

Time to hoist the Pirate Flag!


The Boy assists with hoisting the Pirate Flag! The Pirate Flag's a flyin'

And so is the Queen Anne’s!

The Queen Anne flying her pirate flag

It’s Captain Hook AND Blackbeard, I see. Gangin’ up on us. But we shall prevail! 😀

It's Captain Hook AND Blackbeard! Gangin' up on us, I see!

Uh oh! Better watch out. We’re gearing up for a battle.

They’ve fired on us!

They've fired on us!

 Of course, we fired back!

We fired back!

Threatening to come aboard. I think not!

Trying to come aboard. I think not!

I’ll trade ya rum for booty!

Trading rum for booty! Arrrrg!

SUCCESS! We won our booty! Now, to open it!

Arrrrg! We gots our booty!

The treasure….

The treasure!

Of course The Boy got his share for helping scare away Captain Hook and Blackbeard!

The Boy's share of the booty!

What’s in the treasure chest?

The Boy's share of the booty!

The rest of the time was spent singing and lollygagging around the decks until we docked and the show was over.

I’ll leave you with an earworm, something we’re still humming/singnin’ in our home:

What do you do with a drunken sailor?

Here’s to our pirate mateys:

Ron Pearlman as Oly Mackerel

Ron Perlman as Oly Mackerel (not really, but that’s all I could think of the whole cruise! Hellboy gone pirate! He was a blast! Love him!)

I’m so sorry, but I didn’t get these two pirates’ names! And they aren’t listed on the Black Raven’s web page, either. But they were so happy, cheery, and lively! Loved them!

The other guy!

The other guy!

The Wench! <3

<3 The Wench! <3

The weather ’round here has been awfully busy. Tremendous heat, with the heat index in the 110-120 range, and our normal afternoon summer showers. We were very thankful that the rain stayed away so we could enjoy our Pirate adventure.

Our Welcome Home!

Our Welcome Home!

At least it had the decency to stay away until we were done!

At least it had the decency to stay away until we were done!

Silly me, I forgot additional water, sunscreen, and ginger. I think I got the worst of it. My face, chest and shoulders were red. And on Monday, I just had absolutely no energy. I tend to suffer heat exhaustion a bit too easily.

Me and The Boy

Me and The Boy

The Hubs & The Boy

The Hubs & The Boy

I also don’t like a lot of my pictures, but today must have been a good day. So, I am sharing with you the pictures I’m happy with. Hope you’ve enjoyed our adventure. Wish you could have been there. It was so fun. If ever you get a chance to come to St. Augustine, I would recommend this. They also have an adults only cruise as well, if you don’t have kids.

Me in a Hat

Don’t like hats but this was a decent picture 🙂

Let me know what you think!



  1. Ping from Jeannette B. Schneider:

    LOVE THE HAT!!!! Love all your pics…. with The Boy. Goodness, he has grown so much since May.
    I’d venture to say despite your heat exhaustion and sea sickness it looks like you, Anthony and The Boy had an awesome Family Day and a total blast 😀

  2. Ping from Leigh Caroline:

    *laughs* Love it! Glad you, and the boy, and assumably the Hubs, had fun! Goofy things like that make some of the best memories.

  3. Ping from Tam Linsey:

    What a fun day! Thanks for sharing the adventure 🙂

  4. Ping from Becca:

    This looks like so much fun! I love live action shows like that with audience interaction. Glad you guys got it in before the storm. 🙂

  5. Ping from clraven:

    oh wow! That looks like it was a fantastic day! We’re so jealous 😀 Great pictures – love your boy’s hat. The effort those people have gone to is incredible, especially having Hook and Blackbeard attack the ship – it’s genius.

  6. Ping from Cheyenne Campbell:

    WORK that hat!! Lovely photos, glad you all had a fun day out (though the heat exhaustion is unfortunate!). Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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