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#Caterday: TheoKatus Earus NonFoldus, or TheoButt

Theo came from the same litter as Sofie.

He is our tender soul.

It was such a sweet gesture when Lizz said we could take him along with his sister. But when we came to pick them both up, Theo freaked so bad he tore Lizz up. We were so afraid he would not work out. But we were determined to make it work. We met on neutral ground the second time. Lizz brought him to the cat show with her and he stayed in his carrier. We met her there and did a quick change-up and brought him home. It wasn’t as bad as the last time.

When we got home, we just opened the door to the carrier and let him come out on his own terms. He had been without his sister for a week. Lizz had said when she left, he cried for her every night. But when he saw her at our house, it was like he didn’t remember her. After a few hours, Theo had ventured out and made his way to his “safe spot” in our room. It didn’t take too long for him to get used to us, but he freaked at any sudden movement.

It’s been a few years now, and Theo has warmed nicely to us. He’s not a lap cat, really. Although he will get in our laps at the computer, or in my rocker, or on the couch. But on his terms. And he doesn’t stay for very long. He also likes to come and sleep on me around 4am for a few minutes. He doesn’t like to be picked up much, and he still freaks at any loud noise. But he is such a loving cat. Like I said, he has such a tender soul. He wears his heart on his sleeve. We love him and will take care of him forever.

Theo and The Drinkwell! 2 hours we spent laughing and cleaning up. He just didn’t understand the flowing water!

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  1. Ping from C L Raven:

    He’s adorable! He has the EXACT same croaky cry as our female, Spectre 😀 He looked so cute playing with the water.

  2. Ping from Leigh Caroline:

    ROTFL! I love that second video! What a softie though! *snuggles him anyway*

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