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#Caturday: Sofius Katus Ear-Non-Foldus, or Sofie The Baby

SofieWe knew we wanted to get a Scottish Fold. We had seen them so much at Cat Shows, researching their personality and their character. Besides a true folded fold is so adorable! After much research we had determined that MikeyKat was really a non-folded Fold. When we decided to get another cat, after GoofyKat passed, we looked around for a Scottish Fold Breeder in our area. There was a breeder about 80 miles from us that we see each year at the Cat Show. Luckily, we found one closer, in our home town. Ironically, she and Linnea (the one 80 miles from us) were corroborating together.  Lizz did not have a litter at this time, but she was working with Linnea . She had paired up one of her girls to one of Linnea’s boys and was hoping within a few months to be expecting. It didn’t take long, thankfully, and on May 10th, a litter was born. Of course, the breeder gets first pick and Lizz wanted to see how many, if any, folded back down. Nine weeks went by and unfortunately,  not a single kitten’s ears folded.

Christmas SofieWhen we went to visit Lizz and her kittens, it was amazing. The Boy was trying to get all the kittens to play with him with string and balls. It was only Sofie who pounced out from her hiding place to attack the little pom pom The Boy had just thrown. It scared him so bad he squealed. Lizz was so flabbergasted. She said Sofie was the only one in the litter who did not have a personality. Apparently, she was waiting until her human came so she could shine! She picked The Boy that day. And every night she watches over him from somewhere in his room. When she thinks he needs to be awake, she will head butt him or stuff her whiskers up his nose. She puts up with so much from such a rambunctious little boy. She is definitely his kitty, and he is definitely her human.

The Crash (Sofie)

The Crash (Sofie)

Sofie is now 6 years old and she is such a love. She loves everyone in the house. And now, has chosen The Hubs as her pillow. Sometimes she will come and lay on me, but only when The Hubs is not laying down. 🙂 She also has her morning ritual with me. She will keep me company as I get ready for work. She still gets in spats with her brother, Theo. And she tolerates the new arrival (Itty Bitty).

If she's not sleeping on our lap...

When she’s not crashed, she’ll sleep on our lap…

Sofie supervising my writing progress

… or our computers.



  1. Ping from C L Raven:

    awwwww she’s lovely! Love the pic of her on the computer 😀 Ours insist on trying to type on ours. Think they don’t like our work 😀

  2. Ping from Sylvia van Bruggen:

    She is adorable. Love the pictures at the end!

  3. Ping from Leigh Caroline:

    Awww what a fluffbutt!!

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