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Halfway Through #WriteMotivation Goal Check Month

Writer's FrustrationSo, last week you saw me falter. While I loved all your comments, and they lifted my spirits tremendously(even though they left me in tears, cuz I’m just a big ol’ cry baby! I can’t help it, I wear my heart on my sleeve. Always have. But, I’ve learned that it’s ok! hehe), my week did not get any better.

The stress of the day job really got to me last week. When you take it upon yourself to fix a broken process and then jump through flaming hoops to meet the deadline, then the people you have to get to do any work start pointing fingers at you and threatening to “report you to the boss” when all they had to do was DO THE FRAKIN’ WORK in the first place, well, you know, it just brings you down.

I’m the type of person who takes a lot of things personally. I also worry that I am doing something wrong, I should be doing it better, or what if my bosses think I’m not doing it right. I know this. I usually can handle this and just blow it all off. But sometimes, the cup runneth over. And last week, my cup was too small.

I did make sure I had everything I needed for CYA and wrote a very detailed email to my boss: dates, times and everything that happened. Just so he was aware. Somehow it managed to escalate to the MAJOR BIG BOSS and things got in motion. Many conference calls and individual calls, things began to move. By Friday, I had 4 managers call me and tell me I’ve done nothing wrong. In fact, they praised me for taking a process that was broken, trying to fix it, and trying to get the work done. I also had several peers call me and tell me they didn’t see anything wrong with what I had done either.

It was all the people who were supposed to be doing the work, yet weren’t, that were causing all this heart ache.

As of this morning, I’ve missed my deadline, by no fault of my own. And I am still waiting on dates when it will be done.

BUT, guess what?! After a beautifully no-work weekend, I’m much more relaxed.  I think I can focus on writing again! In fact, the last part of last week I finished an edit on a short story and sent it out for final critiques. When I get all the critiques back, I can then gather all notes and work on the FINAL edit to the story and hopefully send it out on submission somewhere.

RedBull Cheers

Here’s to a better week!

So here’s my latest update:

July Goals:

1) Complete the necessary blog posts for #WriteMotivation, maybe throw in a few “others” as well. — Currently On Task
2)Word count goal, not really…Every day is different in my life. So let’s just leave it at “make forward momentum!” Progress is always good! — well, I’ve not added anything to my WIP#1  but I have managed to edit a short story and send it out on critique. (See above). That’s progress. 🙂
3) Provide unending support, cheering, and cookie flinging, to anyone who needs it. — I feel I’ve done better with this, even though I’ve needed it more this last week than usual.
4)Line edits/critique for B’s 2nd book. YAY! I’ve made it to the final 20 pages! YAY!
5) Read another book for pleasure. — Currently 1/3 the way through The Crucible of Gold. Well, no momentum here. But that’s OK. 🙂 I’ve renewed the library book and it’s due back on the 3rd of August. I think I can manage the rest of the book by then!



  1. Ping from Kat:

    Work stress is alway the worst, I feel for you! Glad to hear though that no one is blaming you, at least you can relax about that. That you still made progress despite all that is amazingness, congrats 😀 Oh, also, on a side note: I love your sparkly blue nail polish 😉

  2. Ping from M. Andrew Patterson (@DyadicEchoes):

    You’re doing great, Jaime! 😀 We’re all here for ya! 😀 You did a great job dealing with the work stress. Such a difficult thing to deal with. I’ve been there. You handled it well and the fact your boss and boss’s boss’s boss knows what happened and is supportive is a good thing. Way to go.

    Loved reading your short story, it’s come a long way since that first draft you sent me.

    Have some #writemotivation Red Bull and cookies on me. 😀

  3. Ping from abigailkern:

    Sorry things were crappy at work. Just remember that you are fabulous and amazing and we all love you to death and think the world of you. Great job on your progress. 🙂

  4. Ping from Rebekah Loper:

    I’m sorry you had such a rough week, I know exactly how you feel (one of the many reasons I left a job a few years back).

    It looks like your experience turned out much better than mine, though, since you had people taking your defense.

    Good luck, may you catch up and get ahead this week!

  5. Ping from K.T. Hanna:

    You’re doing so well despite your work crap. Sometimes work just is crap hon <3 I think you've been handling it remarkably well – much better than I would. Some people just don't take responsibility well – and that's not your fault.
    *hugs* Here's to a much better week.

  6. Ping from valerierlawson:

    work stress sucks and being able to make any progress in the middle of such a crappy week? i commend you, madam! and i too think you will start a new trend of coordinating with our fave drinks. what goes with stella?

  7. Ping from Mia K Rose:

    Writing progress regardless of where it goes is also good. Nice to know you can find the time to relax and push it out of your mind. 🙂 Good luck submitting the short story.

  8. Ping from Cheyenne Campbell:

    Your goals are moving along well, especially in the midst of all the work drama you’ve been handed. I know how it is, being someone who thinks an *awful* lot of what others think…or what I think they think about me. Or what I THINK I think they think about me. It’s really easy to things personally, I find, but when you’ve got that many people who have your back, it’s time to just accept that you’re doing the right thing. Btw, love the Redbull-matching nail polish 😉

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