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Caturday: GoofyKat, Our First

GoofyKat 1996

The best picture we have of him. Outdoors really makes a picture better. He’s in our fenced in back yard and he did not like being outside! 😀

StupidKat was our first child. We saved him a couple of days after we were married. We happened to go to the SPCA and just as we did, someone brought in a box of kittens. Jamie wandered over and took a peek. She opened up the door, and the first one to wander out was the one we took home. Jamie said he was the bravest of them all. Boy, were we surprised! StupidKat is black with a white belly and all four paws. So, his name started out to be Mittens. But, as time progressed and he did all the silly little things a kitten did, we kept saying “Man, what a stupid cat!” And it just stuck. He will NOT answer to mittens. He only comes when we call him by his name–StupidKat. He learned to play fetch. He loved to climb up people. But the silliest thing of all–he played, what we called puss-n-boots. StupidKat had foam golf balls. He used to put them in Anthony’s Army boots. Then he would stick his head all the way in the boots and bat at the out side of the boot like he was playing with the ball. Then, he would pull his head out and put his paw in the boot. And the whole process would repeat. Every time we witnessed this all we could hear was StupidKat saying to himself “I can see the ball, but can’t feel it. Then, I can feel it and not see it. What’s going on!” You tell me that’s not a stupid cat!

He had the wrong name nearly the whole time, until The Boy renamed him to GoofyKat. We called him StupidKat for 13 years. He responded much better to GoofyKat. 🙂

He has been to many places. He was born in Virginia. We took him to Michigan when The Hubs’ Nana got sick because we didn’t have anyone to watch him. He’s moved from several apartments while we lived in VA. We even brought him with us to Germany. From there, we moved to Texas, and we finally ended up in Florida. He’s a world-traveled cat.

GoofyKat SleepingJan 16 2006, we took him to the vet. He was now 16.  His insulin will be discontinued and we wanted to get a new prescription. Well, before the blood work came back, the vet offered us a new insulin along with a diet of prescription food (much like the Atkins diet). We would have to make the transition over the next couple of months. After the blood work came back, however, things didn’t look so good. His blood sugar levels were actually quite good (212). But there were about 5 or 6 different things that came back very wrong in his blood. He had kidney failure. The vet gave us some options, but had little hope. Because he’s diabetic most of the treatment for kidney failure would actually end up hurting his sugar levels. And, if we continued with the new insulin and diet, it could aggravate and speed up his kidney failure. We could also do dialysis and clean out his kidney. Nothing is guaranteed and the added diabetes complicates things even more. The vet also said we could just take him home, change nothing, and spoil the heck out of him these next few months. He’s 16. He was our first baby. We got him a few days after we got married. This is so hard. It’s going to be even harder when he gets so sick we cannot help him and will have to put him down.

GoofyKat passed over the Rainbow Bridge, 19 Apr 2006 at 2:30pm.

He crashed hard on that Monday. He refused to eat or drink. He couldn’t walk anymore. He had been hiding. And when he did come out, he would not move, raise his head or anything. We knew it was time. We tried everything that night to bring him back. We’ve had him refuse to eat before and brought him back with canned tuna, salmon and chicken. But not this time. This time he refused all the good stuff. We knew. We went to go take him in to end his suffering, but it was after-hours and it was an additional $100. Unfortunately, we couldn’t afford this so we tried to make him as comfortable as possible on Monday night. We stayed up with him most of the night.  We had to break the needle off his insulin needles to force water in his mouth. He was so dehydrated. I had to go to work, which was really hard being up most of the night. I had a hard time driving. The Hubs took a nap. And then, later, he took GoofyKat to our Vet, who agreed it was time.

When I came home from work, there Anthony sat on the couch, next to the cat carrier. GoofyKat was inside, wrapped in his quilt I made him when he was a kitten. We buried him in that too (now, in hindsight, we should have kept the quilt, something to have that was his). It is so sad. We had him for 16.5 years. He was our first baby. And The Boy doesn’t understand. How can you expect a 3-year-old to understand?! Though, he does try to comfort us. The words out of his mouth last night were amazing. “It’s ok. He’s safe with God now”.

Nov 1989-Apr 19, 2006



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  2. Ping from M. Andrew Patterson (@DyadicEchoes):

    That is such a sad, yet beautiful post. Yeah, the 3yo probably understands better than us adults. Like Gracie, I know GoofyKat will be missed.

  3. Ping from Lynn A. Davidson:

    This is so sad. It’s hard to let a loved pet go. I was just this morning thinking about our beautiful blue-eyed white cat, Scamper, we had for 17 years. She was from a barn litter and given to us when she was less than five weeks old. When she was a lovely full-grown cat, we think she was stolen from us once because she simply vanished. For several months she was missing, and then one hot summer day she reappeared. I saw her across the road making her way slowly toward our house. The poor little beauty was weary, dirty and very thin. I can only imagine what could have happened … I like to think she escaped with the determination to make her long journey back home. If only she could have told us her story. Scamper died as a result of kidney failure years later. We have not replaced her with another cat.

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    That was a lovely story hon 🙂


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