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And We’re Back, #WriteMotivation

So, here we are again. A new month. A goal check-in month at that. And over half way through the year! OMG where does the time go? Seriously?! When we were kids, don’t you remember wishing time would hurry up and get here so we could go to that birthday party? Summer vacation? So we could hurry up and turn ten, sixteen, adult?? Now, it’s like you blink and everything is gone! What happened? I’ve read somewhere, can’t remember where, but I’ve read that it’s a time perception thing. Because when we are 10 years old, a year is only 1/10 of our lives. But when we are 30 years old, a year is 1/30 of our lives. Because of this, the years pass by in what seems like a quicker fashion. Not sure if that is true, but it seems plausible, right?

Anyway, we’re back…

Welcome to the first post for July’s #WriteMotivation. If you haven’t had a chance, I’ve been keeping a list on Twitter for the #WriteMotivation crowd. All you have to do is follow it. If you are a hashtag follower, just bookmark this link.

This morning, I’ve managed to update my list and follow all the new people *waves*!

My goals for the month, really, they don’t change much. Forward momentum is always the best. And here’s my Golden Rule for First Drafts. I have to beat it into my head daily! Hope it helps you too! 😀

 First Draft Golden Rule:

A single word = progression
Zero words = stagnation
Deleting words = regression


My Goals for July:
1) Complete the necessary blog posts for #WriteMotivation, maybe throw in a few “others” as well.
2)Word count goal, not really…Every day is different in my life. So let’s just leave it at “make forward momentum!” Progress is always good!
3) Provide unending support, cheering, and cookie flinging, to anyone who needs it.
4)Line edits/critique for B’s 2nd book. YAY! Added 
5) Read another book for pleasure.

Flaming Zombie Dinosaur Cheerleader serving #Writemotivation Cookies

Flaming Zombie Dinosaur Cheerleader serving #Writemotivation Cookies



And now….for your motivation, I present you my latest drawing of our Flaming Zombie Dino Cheerleader serving up some wonderful #Writemotivation cookies to our writer friends.

If that’s not motivation, I’m sure we can mutate it into something more motivational! 😀



  1. Ping from Tam Linsey:

    Love the Dino! Except my cookies were a little scorched … I love the way you think about progress. I should adopt it – I would be a lot less stressed.

  2. Ping from Kat:

    Great illustration 😉 Your golden rule is great as well, will have to remind myself of it when battling with my first draft! Joining the team for the first time this month and wanted to say thanks for all your lovely support on the blog/on twitter 🙂

  3. Ping from Becca:

    You really do make such lovely illustrations. I don’t know where we’d be without them! 🙂

  4. Ping from MAJK (@Safireblade):

    WOW! I love the flaming zombie Dino Cheerleader and if I had known they had cookies I’d have join this crowd a while back – I am a sucker for cookies. I love your #3 on your goals I will have to add that to my goals.

  5. Ping from jocelynrish:

    OMG, your dino is killing me! So funny, so awesome. And yes, time sure is flying – I feel like this year has been the fastest one yet!

  6. Ping from Bonnie Rae:

    Flaming Zombie Cheerleader is awesome!! Can he come with me to the gym and instead of cookies give me water? Cheers to another great #writemotivation month!!

  7. Ping from Leigh Caroline:

    That picture would be terrifying if it weren’t so absurd as to be hilarious! XD And yay for forward momentum! You can DO IT!

  8. Ping from valerierlawson:

    definitely feel the effects of the age/time continuum. i love the twitter list you made and have subscribed. that will make it so much easier to follow everyone and cheer them on. fantastic dino zombie mascot. i fully approve. cheers!

  9. Ping from Cheyenne Campbell:

    I was just thinking this morning about time flying so quickly. It’s really scary to think about, all the more reason to make the most of the time that’s given to us. Though it can be all too easy for me to look back at years past and wish I was 8 again, or 14, or 19, or 21… *sigh* I don’t get why it goes faster as you get older. Maybe more responsibilities? I propose a pause button!

    As ever, I love your golden rule! It’s still above my computer, in all it’s neon-pink-Post-It glory.

    Forward momentum!! Go go go! 🙂

    • Ping from LadyJai:

      *sigh* I know. It’s like I was in England like a few months ago. But it’s been a few decades now 🙁 I’m not 15 anymore. While there are aspects of being young again, a lot of things I would miss about being an adult lol Next month is my birthday and I’ve decided to hold on 42…best number in the universe!

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