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Geek Tuesday: Once In A Decade Girly Moment – Semi-Geeky

Well, after the Friday I had, Saturday turned out pretty ok. Although, I did turn into a bit of a girly girl. Half of it worked, the other half…not so much.

Friday, I went to bed in a very foul mood. Saturday, I did not get to sleep in, like I normally do (if you can call sleeping until 7am sleeping in). The Hubs woke me up at 6am with a Redbull in hand. <3 All in all, my foul mood from the day before had disappeared. YAY!

Not sure if any of you are familiar with my geeky nail polish I just HAD to get?! Well, it’s BLUE and it has bits of iron filings in it. The bottle came with its own magnet, an arcing design. The first go around I didn’t do it right and I thought it would wasn’t worth the money. The second “practice” session, I got this and was pretty pleased:

Arc Magnet Nails

Magnetic Nail Polish with the Arcing design

Not bad, right? I had better luck this time.

Since The Hubs LOVES magnets, and has several of his own, he wanted to play with them and my nails. He just had to try his own magnets out. Unfortunately, the lines of flux were not in any shape/design, and all we got was the iron filings being drawn to the surface. All it looked like was a blob of two-tone nails.

We found a really cool set of design magnets from Sally’s Beauty Supply. They had the Arc, Straight Lines, and a Star pattern. I wanted to try the star pattern. Wished they had it so you could buy the magnetic paddles individually, but noooooo.

So I tried the star design yesterday. The Hubs thought it geeky enough to help. Did I say he loves magnets?? He was the one who held the magnet over my nails to create the design. And OMG did the come out AWESOME!

Magnetic Nails with Star Magnet

Magnetic Nails with the star magnet
By far my FAVORITE nail polish to date! 😀

I’ve also been considering a change with my hair. Been going back and forth trying to decide if I want to cut it or streak it blue. (I really, really want to streak it blue, but that requires bleaching parts of my hair, then dying it blue, and then HOPE my bosses don’t fire me) Cutting my hair, well, I’ve had some very bad experiences that left me scarred for life. I opted for a perm instead.

I’ve been searching long and hard for an easy, perfect curl. When I was little, my hair was curly, curly. My mom would put my hair up in piggy tails and wrap each around her finger and pull it through. The coils would stay.

Now, not so much. Either the longer my hair gets, the curl gets pulled out. Pregnancy has removed the curl. Or just plain old age. Or a combination of all three. I don’t know. But, I WANT MY CURLS BACK! And I’ve been searching for a perm that would give me those curls back. Still looking….

A while back, though, I did find some awesome curlers! They are called CurlFormers. These curlers resemble the coils I wrap my computer wires in. GENIUS! Now why didn’t I think of that?

Just after pulling the Curlformers from my hair

Just after pulling the Curlformers from my hair

finger combed curls from curlformers

Finger combed curls from Curlformers

Extra Long & Wide Curlformers starter pack

You need these with a wand. I picked these up at Sally’s Beauty Supply for $14 + $5 for the wand. I use 24 curlers. So, it was a bit expensive. But no more than say a good set of hot rollers. 🙂

Me in my Curlformers

I was skeptical at first, but after the first try with these, I was hooked. They really aren’t that hard to put in, though you may want to work with a friend to get the back of your head. 🙂 With my hair being so long, the drying time is really long. I usually end up sleeping in these. If you pull them out before your hair is completely dry, the curl will undoubtedly pull out. At least mine did. So, rather than try and blow dry it for hours, I just sleep in them.

These curlers provide the perfect ringlet. (See above pictures.)

CurlFormers’ website FAQ says you can perm your hair with these. I’ve been scouring the internet trying to find any information on anyone who has ever done this. Unfortunately, to no avail. So, this weekend, I took the curlers to my salon and asked if they could do the perm if we put them in. They had never seen these curlers before and were curious so they agreed to do it for $40. Not a bad price for an experiment I guess.

After the Perm with CurlFormers

After the Perm with CurlFormers

So I walked in looking like the picture above. Got a lot of strange looks. But everyone was anxious to see how they would work.

I must have had high expectations. I seriously thought they would come out looking like the spirals I get when I pull them out in the morning. Unfortunately, I did not get my beautiful spiral ringlets. 🙁 But I did get a wave. So it wasn’t a total loss.

Dry, it reminds me when I was little and I put small braids in my hair and slept in it overnight. A crinkled wave is more like it. And kind of frizzy. I will have to put some additional leave in conditioner in my hair for a while. And I haven’t put a brush to it since I had this done. I know better…brush = fizz!

If only I could find those perfect ringlet curls I desire so much. I’m wondering if it’s called a “piggyback spiral perm”. And how long do I give my hair before I do it all over again? 🙂




  1. Ping from Colleen:

    Try googling “digital perm”

  2. Ping from Leigh Caroline:

    I’d give it some time definitely between them, you don’t want to fry it. I had my hair permed senior year of high school (My hair’s naturally only semi-curly. It’s more curly than wavy, but not enough to really be curly), and I loved it! I should do that again one of these years!

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