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May 2012 #WriteMotivation Sign-ups Are Underway!

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First Draft Rules to Remember!
A single word = progression
Zero words = stagnation
Deleting words = regression


Each writer goes through some really trying times when trying to write, revise, or edit. So, why wallow in negativity? Why self-deprecate? Why give in to that negative voice that rears its ugly head when you really don’t need it?

There is a group of writers on twitter who have been cheering each other on with their goals. It’s helped so many people, me included. I would not be as far along on a novel as I am now without it! KT Hanna created #WriteMotivation help not only fuel her motivation, but others as well. Why not share?!

12,000+ words is the most I’ve ever written on a single story! I’m proud! I’m scared! But I am progressing! And with a little flaming zombie stripper cookie slinging I managed to plow through all this! 😀

Others have accomplished more, some less. But it’s not about how much you’ve done. No, it’s about the camaraderie, the friendships, and the sharing! Progression comes in a single word sometimes. I have come to learn not to compare numbers at all.

So stop procrastinating. Stop wallowing. Stop feeling down. And join us for some good old-fashioned Zombie T-Rex shin kickin’!

You can sign up on KT’s site. We’d love to have you!



  1. Ping from Jocelyn Rish:

    I’m officially back on board for the May #writemotivation round. I WILL finish my rewrite this time!

    And thank you so much for the kind, supportive word on my post yesterday. It really helped lift my spirits.

    • Ping from LadyJai:

      Jocelyn, I’m so glad I could help. We all have days of negativity. We need to seek out those that will bring back the positive. So glad to see you come back to our #writemotivation team! We support each other, always!

  2. Ping from J.L. Campbell:

    I like your first draft rules. Short and realistic. Anything that keeps us encouraged to write is great!

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