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Wrap up for March #WriteMotivation

Wow, what a tiring month this has turned out to be. It started off ok. But these last two weeks Spring really has sprung and I’ve been out working in the yard/garden readying it for my roses. If you missed any of my posts on this, please feel free to check out some previous entries

Keep coming back as I plan to update you on my gardening progress. 🙂

I know that this month is not over with just yet. But, it is the last Monday of the month. I’m going to update you on my progress towards my March #WriteMotivation goals.

3 Month Writing Calendar

3 Month Writing Calendar

My goals for March were:

  1. Continue with my daily writer-ly duties. I’ve stumbled a bit mid-month. Last weekend I was unable to write anything. I was so exhausted from working in the yard, I missed any chance of writing. But you know what, that’s ok. Two days out of the month with no writing is fine. I’ve managed to only have 3 days out of 3 months where I faltered. I’m fine with that. How about you? I’m marking that complete. 🙂
  2. By March 20th, I would like to complete and submit another story to the 713 Flash call at KazkaPress. This month’s prompt they wanted a fantasy type story based off this sentence: “In a broken forest, a young woman finds three chairs carved from bone.” I had the idea to make a companion piece to one of my previous short stories. So, in order to get back into that “compartment” of my brain, I began editing it. I hadn’t touched it since I wrote it last year. Once I edited it, I could move on to my companion piece, which I completed, and sent both pieces out for beta reads. Once they came back, I put the polishing touches on both pieces, but only submitted the one for Kazka Press. I had only hours to spare on this one. I managed to submit the afternoon of the 20th. That’s cutting it close in my book, but I’ve managed to mark this off my list as complete.  I’ve been doing these monthly since they opened in October. If you’d like to read the 3 published shorts, you can see them listed here: Free Reads
  3. Progress in both novels. Ok, so with #2 above taking most of my month and the gardening. I haven’t been working in my novels much this month. However,  as of this morning, I have managed 832 words in WIP#1 and 828 words in WIP#2. Not the amount of progress I was hoping for, but progress accomplished. I do plan on continuing progress for the remainder of the month (and on).
  4. regular blog posts With the weekly updates for #WriteMotivation, this has helped me “blog regularly”. However, I’ve thrown in a few one-offs with my gardening in hopes that will attract more readers and keep you interested. Not sure if that’s worked, as my number of visits has not increased. But hey, it’s documentation for me in the very least.
  5. I would like to read another book this month. Not sure if I can cross this one off my books or not. I haven’t completed reading (See #1 and #2) but, I have started another book. It’s not something that holds my interest well enough to crave reading it. I just manage to read it when I’m resting from all that intense manual labor. But, I quickly fall asleep. 🙂 So, no finishing just yet. But I am reading. So I guess, I can mark it off. What say you? 
Thank you everyone who joined in with KT’s #WriteMotivation and cheered me on! You guys rock!! I hope you will continue to join the Twitter Hashtag and the next check ins! Let’s recruit more for more cheering! YAY! I’ve always been discouraged by people’s word count until I joined up with KT and her #WriteMotivation. It’s not the number of words you put down. But, rather, that you put down words! A single word written in your WIP constitutes progress. Taking one’s own advice is so very difficult!

Progression, Stagnation, Regression for #WriteMotivation

First Draft Rules to Remember!
A single word = progression
Zero words = stagnation
Deleting words = regression



  1. Ping from LadyJai:

    I love each and every one of you guys! I suck at self-motivation. So without you all, I’d be stuck at “not much” writing! :mrgreen:

  2. Ping from K.T. Hanna:

    I’m so farking proud of you. I think I tell you this almost every day, but I truly believe it doesn’t hurt to say it again.

    Your gardening inspires me, and I’ll just have to live vicariously through you <3

    So glad I met you. You're an awesome cheering buddy!

  3. Ping from Sue Ann Bowling:

    Still 2′ of snow on the garden here. Once that melts, though, sometime in May, the garden will be frantic. We have such a short season…
    But this month, I did reach my Writemotivation goals.

  4. Ping from Ann Cory:

    You’ve done fantastic this month! Yay you! And you know, it’s important to get out there and smell the roses. It’s healthy to have a balance of writing and the work that takes place around the home. I’m itching to get out into the garden, start sprucing up the house again, and getting out for nice long walks.

    Be super proud of yourself – I sure am!! 🙂

  5. Ping from valerierlawson:

    great progress. and i’m so glad that i met you through #writemotivation! let’s keep it going!

  6. Ping from Stephanie Berget:

    Happy #writemotivation. You accomplished a lot in March. My goals weren’t as difficult as yours but I have managed to keep up with them, even through a wedding and a bout of the flu. I’m feeling better today. On with the editing. 🙂

  7. Ping from Andrew Patterson:

    Way to go, Jaime! So awesome that you are making such amazing progress. 😀 Now, let’s kick some more tail in April! #writemotivation!!!!!!

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