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My Gardening Efforts Part 2

Our Home

As most of you know, I live in Florida where Spring comes early, and Fall comes late. For the last month, the weather has been staying in the upper 70s, mid 80s and the plants that I have been preparing, still in pots on my patio, have been screaming at me to be planted. So, my goal is to replace the builder installed landscaping you can see in the pictures below.

Facing the house, this is the left bed.

Facing the house, this is the left bed. The 1st row of bushes have been replaced by Creeping Lantanas. My Hybrid Teas have been repotted and placed around the Dwarf Lilac (left in picture)

Facing the house, this is the right bed

Facing the house, this is the right bed. We have not begun to do anything with this yet, except we pulled up some of the bushes around the Holly tree last year.

I also needed to trim back my roses before they exploded. They all now look like this (most are in pots though as I haven’t decided on their permanent home yet):

Pruned Roses

Spring Pruning Roses

So, the weekend before Spring officially arrived, we were out taking care of raking the beds, pruning roses, and removing the bushes. Check out what we did in my previous post. It was hard, backbreaking work, and we have a lot more to do.

I just ordered 18 shrub roses from Jackson & Perkins to border my porch and add some color. You see, I have grand visions for this “landscaping job” and I hope they come to fruition! But I have got a hunch that I will very soon need the assistance of professional landscapers (like the ones at https://www.landscapingcompaniesatlanta.com/) to bring my visions to life. Of course, I would not be able to do every landscaping task all by myself!

Carefree Wonder by J&P

Carefree Wonder by J&P

Where the Carefree Wonder will be going

Already removed part of the bushes where the Carefree Wonder will be going.

With their help, I would be able to pull more bushes up and get the soil ready for when my Carefree Wonders arrive. So this weekend will be extremely busy, again.

When I lived in Virginia, I grew and showed my roses at the local ARS (American Rose Society) Show. Three of my roses placed, 1st -3rd. I was so proud. When we had to move to Germany and leave my roses behind, I actually cried. I don’t know how they are today–if they are even still there. I only hope! When I started, though, the Internet was still very new. I tried to gain as much knowledge as I could from the ‘net. But really, there was nothing there. So, I learned how to code web pages, and created my own “Caring for Roses” website. It’s still there. I haven’t updated it with my roses I’ve started growing here. But the information for pruning, caring for, and troubleshooting problems will not change. If you need help, check it out. I always enjoy helping people!

I will be trying to incorporate some more of our adventures into this blog, gardening or otherwise, in hopes to make it more personal and not strictly about writing. If you have any suggestions or comments on what you would like to see, let me know! I would like to have more traffic than I do and more interaction with my readers.

Hope you are enjoying my gardening adventures! Let me know if you have any questions or need some help.



  1. Ping from Leigh Caroline:

    Ooh those roses are beautiful! I’m so not a flower person, more the “Oh, I’ll just replace the produce section with my garden” type. My mother-in-everything-but-law favors flowers over produce. Which leads to interesting situations, like where she tried to pull out a bunch of spring onion volunteers from her rose beds, only to find me replanting them in one of my pots! LOL! I should take pictures, once we’re done. 🙂

  2. Ping from Sue Ann Bowling:

    Sounds like we’re at the opposite end in gardening. Most nights here (interior Alaska) are still below zero, and there aren’t more than a handful of roses that will survive up here. But I, too, blog about my garden (and house plants) as part of my regular Monday posts on how’s the weather up here.

  3. Ping from Alessa Hinlo:

    We’ve had high 70s/low 80s temps this week here in Virginia too but I think that’s supposed to change this weekend when a storm rolls through. I hope the seedlings that have been popping up this week make it through all the rain we’re supposed to get!

    But man, the slugs are out now too and I’m waging a battle to save my snow peas!

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