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#Writemotivation March 2012 – Sign Up

If you’ve been following me by now, either on my blog or on Twitter, you may have seen me talk (or tweet) about #WriteMotivation. If not, check out the hashtag on Twitter and see how we interact with each other. I promise, it is fun, exhilaration, and enjoyable! I am a very strong supporter of my friend, KT Hanna’s initiative. I whole heartily believe in the power of positive. And the more you surround yourself with positive, the more motivated (and happy) you feel. If you are interested in reading any of my previous posts from January’s #WriteMotivation check out these posts:

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In them, I hope you will find some awesome positive energy, and see just how this small group has encouraged each other throughout the first two months of the year.

Remember the movie “Pay It Forward?” That was such a beautiful movie. It is something I strive to live by every day. I never ask for people to owe me anything. Just pay it forward because there are so many more people out there that can benefit from the kindness given. It starts off with one person doing something nice for another. Then it spreads. Exponentially. THIS is the way we will get peace…not by expecting people to pay us back. Owing someone or something makes them resent the kindness given, the person who gave it. Owing someone does not perpetuate kindness. It just feeds the

#WriteMotivation, I believe, is a way of paying it forward. We all have that little voice in our heads that whisper, “You’re not good enough. Why are you even bothering?” or “I’m just too tired today.” It really is easy to fall into the habit of not writing, and listening to the negative. It’s so much harder to be positive. But soooo much more worth it in the end. To make it a little easier, our cheer squad will help you through those hard times, when we need a little kick in the butt, or a thwap on the head, or just a hug because our day isn’t going exactly as planned. We are there for each other, because we have been there ourselves. Sharing makes it easier, and bearable. We will trudge through that negative sludge! 😀

Please sign up at KT Hanna’s site. Registration is open until the 28th. Last time, the rewards were simple: a cheer here, a hug there, a kick in between! But this time, we have some other rewards (not prizes, since this isn’t a competition). The rewards are a way of saying thanks. And most of them are good ol’ honest critiques that will hopefully help your writing become stronger, and encourage the good within.

With Rachael Harrie’s 4th Writers Campaign, I’m hoping we can spread the word farther. The more people cheering you on, the more positive energy you surround yourself with, the more motivation seems to build within you! It really is an awesome endeavor and you get to meet so many wonderful people.

Hope to see you on Twitter’s #WriteMotivation!


  1. Ping from K.T. Hanna:

    See, and now I’ve finished that draft, hopefully I’ll remember to – you know- comment on blogs. I swear I thought I had commented

    Looking so forward to this <3

  2. Ping from Margo Kelly:

    Sounds awesome!!! 🙂 Have a great weekend!!

  3. Ping from Ann Cory:

    I’m very much looking forward to participating and helping any way I can 🙂 And your enthusiasm exudes through the screen – whew!!

    Ann 🙂

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