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This is not the end…. #writemotivation

WritemotivationHere we are, the last Monday of January. It’s been a great month for some, a mediocre one for others, and downright non-productive for a few others. But you know what? It’s important how many words you get down on the page every day. It’s not even important if you didn’t meet all your goals. Life happens.

What IS important is that we supported each other through the times we needed it and the times we needed to give it! THAT is what is important.

I plan on continuing with the #writemotivation hashtag for anyone who seems to need it throughtout my time on twitter. It’s always nice to know there is someone out there rooting for you, cheering you on, and that you aren’t alone in your struggles as a writer. I hope to see you do the same.

Here’s my update on the goals I’ve posted on KT Hanna’s site:

Goals for January 2012:
1) By Jan, 20th I need to complete and submit the 713 Challenge entry @KazkaPress √ Completed 1/8/2012 Despite a REJECTION yesterday, I managed to continue writing anyway! 😀
2) work a bit more on my novel. No particular goal really as I just need to write some more, and work out more of the plot. (How’s that for ambiguous?)I now have 2 novel WIPs and when I am stuck on one, I go to the other, and vice versa.I’ve actually completed more on my novels than I had ever anticipated. Here’s hoping I can continue throughout the coming months and complete them.
3) By the end of January I’d like to have completed the beta read for a certain someone. √ Completed 1/13/2012 AND I’ve completed reading The Hunger Games, on to Book 2
4) complete the blog posts for this challenge. √ Completed 1/13/2012 Today marks the last blog post required.  :D


  1. Ping from Jocelyn Rish:

    Congrats! You accomplished a lot this month. I don’t think I could bounce back and forth between two novels, so good for you for being able to keep them straight. Best of luck with your writing goals moving forward!

  2. Ping from Alessandra:

    Awesome job!

  3. Ping from Angela Brown:

    Your progress is commendable. YOu’d made great strides with your writing and reading. I look forward to seeing more progress given you got lots of talent, LadyJai 🙂

  4. Ping from Bonnie Rae:

    Good job on meeting your goals for the month!

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