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What do you get your parents for Christmas?

Ok, so it’s only ten days left until Christmas and I still have no idea what to get my parents. It’s the same thing every year when I ask:

I don’t know. Get whatever. Your father likes golf.

So, yeah, that’s helpful. But seriously, what do you get your parents? They’ve been married 45 years so they have everything.. They aren’t rich but they have everything they need. They want for nothing.

They aren’t geeky (I don’t know where I get that from).
They don’t read. (again, I don’t know where I get that from)
They don’t have any special interests, hobbies or anything!

My mom sells Mary Kay. My dad is retired. Mom loves to clean. Dad loves to golf. Mom loves to exercise at her exercise place. Dad loves the Steelers.
That’s about it.

Boring, aren’t they?!

Each year gets harder and harder to buy for them. And their answer is always the same.

I don’t know. Get whatever. Your father likes golf.

Most all my money has been tied up getting my son his presents. I have about $100 to spend on my parents. It’s not about the money. It’s about the love put behind it, I know. But daggum it, why can’t I think of something original?

Anyone have any suggestions?




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  1. Ping from Lisa McFerren:

    Your parents sound as helpful as mine do…though the answer from my Mom, every year, is this: "I will love anything you give me." Infuriating! My Dad likes golf too, and he's a Broncos fan. I got him a Broncos golf shirt one year; they probably have one for the Steelers! 🙂 I hate to suggest a GC to their favorite restaurant, but maybe if they have everything else you could give them an experience like that instead?Just my two cents…hope I could help a little!

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