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Vacation Is Supposed To Be Relaxation, Right?

Vacation is supposed to be relaxation, right? Especially when you don’t go anywhere. At least that’s what I thought.

I took off of work from November 18th through the 27th. I really haven’t had any time to relax except this past Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I am utterly exhausted coming back to work.

Friday, the 18th we were getting ready for our son’s birthday party. His birthday is not until the 26th but we decided to have it before everyone went on their Thanksgiving vacation. I decided to have it a Jump!Zone rather than our house. I just could not handle other people’s kids in my house. We’ve already had to deal with our son’s friends in the house and they just don’t seem to respect our stuff and/or their behavior is just atrocious. Besides, we spoke with other families who recently had birthday parties at their house. They thought they could save some money that way, but in actuality they spent about the same, if not more plus they had to do PRE and POST cleaning. No thank you! We’ll let someone else do all that. 🙂

So, Saturday morning was our son’s party. We were concerned no one would show up, despite the RSVPs. That’s the way my parties went, as well as my husband’s, when we were growing up. The closer to noon it got, the more our tummies roiled!

It all worked out in the end, and we had 20 kids show up. Some didn’t RSVP. Everything worked out, except the fact I didn’t have enough pizza. But at least everyone got one piece.

He made out like a bandit too! So the next couple of days were spent going from store to store to buy his birthday presents he got with the cash and gift cards. We didn’t stop for two days until the money burnt completely through his pants pocket. 🙂 We did make him take half and put it in his savings account though.

After all the birthday festivities were done and the presents bought, I needed to clean the house for Thanksgiving, which included moving my sewing machine back upstairs. I’ve been putting off making my curtains for two and a half years so I broke it all out in hopes to get it done before Thanksgiving. HUGE TASK! Anyway, I quickly found out that I did not have the room to cut my curtain fabric, but my local Jo-Anne’s was AWESOME and let me “borrow” their cutting table. I had to go when their first opened and they let me use their table. How I WISH I had one of these in my house…and the room! LOL I got half my curtain’s done: the biggest half! I only have the small window left.

I also have plans on making my own Christmas postcards this year and only slightly touched on that. Well, I had a couple of days, so I started sewing those up. They were going to be origami poinsettia’s attached to the fabric postcard so sewing took less time than I thought. It’s the folding that takes so much time. And then it will be back to sewing, to finish off the edges of the postcard. So, before Thanksgiving, I completed half what I intended to do on that sewing machine–which I am proud of, actually! 😀

We did have one unexpected thing happen. Two days before Thanksgiving we had to rush my DH to the ER. With the type of medication he’s on he’s more susceptible to stroke and heart attacks and the pain medications he uses tend to mask a lot of pain. He was complaining of chest pain–deep within his chest. It wasn’t radiating down his left arm or going into his jaw. But like I said, the pain medication he takes tends to dull and mask. We didn’t want to risk it so we went to the ER. His heart checked out fine and his blood work came back fine as well. So, this is the biggest THANKS for this Thanksgiving.

We had my parents over, as we do every year now since we bought our house. On Christmas, we always go to my parents house, so this kind of gives my mom a break. I could have really used it this year! But, no bust. We made it through. Everyone was happy. And, I was able to rest a little before I had to go back to work.

The only thing I was sad about was that I didn’t get a chance to do any writing. Although, I did manage to get some more “back story” and possible mapping out of my WIP with my husband! He was such a great help! I just need to record him when he starts talking! LOL

For those who are in the US, or American’s living abroad, I do hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. For those who do not celebrate, I hope you had a wonderful time while I was doing all this!


  1. Ping from rddenton:

    Jai,It sounds indeed like you had a pretty crazy week off! God bless you for being able to handle that many children in any atmosphere — I'd end up drop-kicking them by accident into traffic or something, and that wouldn't be good.Also, I'm SO glad to hear your husband's alright — you are a fantastic wife to him and it's comforting to know that the scare was just that and nothing more. Besides, we men are really huge babies and it's good to have an awesome lady around to take care of us! Katie took great care of me too when I went from 170 pounds to looking like I weighed 450 because of allergy explosions! I was crying and all. Who has two thumbs and is a total whinefest? This guy!Hope you get some well-deserved rest soon! 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving, at least!

  2. Ping from Prudence MacLeod:

    You and I are too much alike, go back to work to get a rest. Sometimes it just don't seem fair. Sometimes you need to be twins to get it all done.Remember to breathe. 🙂

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