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They Blame The 6 Year Old!


There are certain expectations parents have when our children start school. We place our children on the school bus and hope that the bus gets there in one piece, that there are no accidents, no incidents, no one gets hurt. We expect the bus driver to be attentive and respectful. Once they get off the bus, the responsibility shifts to the school and we expect that they are protected, looked after and cared about until they get back on that bus and come back to our waiting arms.

I believe we can no longer make these assumptions. We just need to hope and pray, each day, that our children are safe when they are in school. Please take a moment to read the news story and watch the accompanied video.

On October 6th, 2011 my cousin and her husband got the scare of their life. Their youngest daughter decided to leave school and go home by herself, in the middle of the day. She left her buddy and walked out the front door. No one noticed her leave. And no one noticed she was missing. The school is located on a very busy two lane road. There are no sidewalks and the trees crowd the streets, leaving very little area to walk. The traffic is constant and there are always speeders.

Her safety was threatened, not only by the traffic, but according to the 911 taped calls, by passers-by as well. She could very easily been picked up and taken, never to be seen again. Luckily, a good Samaritan stopped and helped Kiley home. When my cousin took her back to the school, they thought she was checking her in for the day. When she told them that she had left and she was returning her, they were stunned.

When Kiley returned home, she brought with her a letter from the school office stating that “A student choose to leave the school property alone , she was helped her home by a good Samaritan, the parents returned to school with her, she is safe. Please talk to you children about NOT leaving school grounds without adult permission.” In essence, they blamed a six-year-old. Here’s the school’s response to the news inquiry:

All the school wants to do is reinforce the procedures that didn’t work. Why not change the procedures? When my cousin’s husband tried to call the school safety officer that day. Even though they knew he was calling them, the safety officer left for the day. Just goes to show just how much they really care about the safety of our children left in their care. Another hint to how much they care is if you read the comments to the news story you will notice that someone associated with the school, or school board has made some rather nasty comments then deleted them. Very professional, eh?! I would love to know what he wrote!

Yes, she did do something wrong. She got punished for it. But it is not entirely her fault! She’s six! How is it that the school can blame the child and get away with it? Where were the ADULTS? Why didn’t the “buddy” say something to an adult? Why were they not supervising?  How can the front office not notice a child walk out the front door? How can a teacher not know she is missing a child? How can no one notice?

It has now been almost a week. My cousin is still heartbroken. Her oldest daughter is now having nightmares. An alternative school is an option and she is hoping the School Board will allow her to go out of her district (but we all know how bureaucratic red tape is). She has not allowed her children to return to the school until something is done–change in policy, disciplinary action of the adults involved. But what is the school doing? Nothing, not even a simple apology. They still place the blame on a six-year-old. The Sheriff’s office is at least looking into disciplining their officers for not responding in a timely manner.

My cousin and her family do not see the sense in a lawsuit. The school board has taken enough cuts to their budget as it is, no need to add to their financial difficulty. (Still does not excuse the lack of caring and safety!)  However, I am one to believe that no action on their part will not solve the problem. Maybe a lawsuit with no compensation would be the necessary slap to the face of those in charge and get them to notice that no one seems to care about the children.

Honestly, how can you blame a six-year-old for the mess this is? How can no one care about a child?


  1. Ping from natz:

    Owh that's sad.It boggles the mind that they would blame the kid instead of the *ahem* responsible safety officer in charge!

  2. Ping from Angela Brown:

    I hope things work out for your cousin as well. But I appreciate your point. You're not saying the child has no fault in the situation. She and your family understand she wasn't supposed to leave school. However, you pose the best questions…one being how the halibut did a little girl leave school with the school being completely unaware? She wasn't supposed to leave the school because she was supposed to be able to leave the school.

  3. Ping from K.T. Hanna:

    Holy **** this is pretty shitty. I don't have children yet, and this makes me very glad I don't. I think it helps me understand why so many people these days are homeschooling.Hope things get better for your cousin, hon.

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